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tv series

  1. Jovannie1990


    Have you noticed when an actor in the porn industry looks like an actor on television? For example, I find a great resemblance between Malec and Tyler Hoechlin. They two look like brothers.
  2. P

    John Bell (Scottish actor from the Outlander TV show)

    John Bell is probably most well known as playing Young Ian from the Starz Outlander series. He plays a Scottish young man, torn between his family roots and history, and the family he made for himself while living with the Mohawk Nation. John Bell has recently been opening up about his...
  3. P

    Dancing With The Stars Pros

    A thread to look at all our favorite DWTS male pros past and present!
  4. H

    Photos & Videos Nude Female Geek Universe Babes

    Hi everyone, after I created the Nude Female Videogame Characters Thread, I have some trouble to find more videogame babes to post there, because most of the artists there also draw another characters from the geek universe, which add movies, manga, anime, comicbooks, TV shows, and original...
  5. J

    The Iron Gladiator

    Five years ago, David Johansen was at the peak of his career as an actor of action movies. Since he was 18, he had been starring in countless blockbusters about cars, competitions and espionage. Tall, handsome, muscular and with a distinguished full black beard, David had all the qualities the...
  6. W

    Links My Blog

    I've started a blog dedicated to man ass and male toilet scenes. You are more than welcome to follow. I know we cannot really talk about guys on the toilet, so I have a ThisVid and Discord server, both dedicated to male toilet scenes, where you can share toilet scenes, but butt scenes. Butt...
  7. Y

    Photos & Videos Tom Read Wilson? X♥x♥xx♥

    he's delicious, has a very beautiful soul, and i hope is very kinky in the intimasy ♥ https://www.instagram.com/tomreadwilson
  8. P

    Love, Simon/love, Victor Cast

    Anything on the cast of Love, Simon or Love, Victor? I know theres some stuff on the guy who plays Simon's boyfriend, Bram. But anyone find anything on the rest of the cast of the movie? Or the spin off TV series on Hulu, Love, Victor?
  9. M

    Alexander Siddig

    Are there any fans of Alexander Siddig here? He is a sudanese-british actor. Best known for his role as Dr. Bashir in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Doran Martell in the Game of Thrones.
  10. Belfastlad84

    From Channel 4 Sex Clinic Tom

    Finally one I’ve been waiting for to open an only fans this hottie Tom from Channel Fours The sex clinic. Defo one to watch let’s see what’s behind those shorts Tom OnlyFans He teased he was gonna do one now he has can’t wait to see what content comes next
  11. A

    Matthew Mcnulty (british Actor)

    Quick Butt scene in final episode of British drama series "Deadwater Fell"...Always liked him. Was hoping for a longer look but at least he showed.