1. M

    Who is this guy?

    Someone knows this gorgeous latino guy? i cant find him
  2. L

    ID: fat ass from Twitter

  3. K


    This guy deserves his own thread. He has nice big booty and loves to shake it and show it off on Twitter and Onlyfans. Feel free to share any content you have or find of him. OnlyFans Login • Instagram
  4. A

    Twerking thread

    Twerking like a demon. Coment if you want my twerk on your face or dick!
  5. A

    Bubble butts in thong

    My argentinian peach Let me know if you want to see more!
  6. I

    Noah Canada

    I HAD to make a thread for this guy's insanely big butt. This man is built like Rikishi and it's driving me wild!!
  7. Male Ass Lover

    Male butt videos on Youtnbe/Livestream/etc

    I have a HUGE fetish for the male butt, and I have also accumulated a large fetish for finding hot, sexy amateur videos of men's asses in places where they "shouldn't" be, like y0utnbe and stuff like that. We really gotta start curating a community for this type of stuff, keeping up with the...
  8. M

    ID this sexy guy twerking

    Anyone know who that sexy guy is ? I saw this vidéo many times but there was never an id
  9. D

    Tiktok Twink

    He is this sexy dancer. Tik tok Insta his snap is
  10. T

    Guy dancing to Beyonce's Dance For You

    Hey y'all So I'm not sure how many of you have come across this or if this will even be possible to retrieve but back in 2012 I had come across this video on Pornhub where a emo college guy around 23-25 years of age was dancing erotically and humping his table (where the webcam was placed) to...
  11. arkadius

    joaaohenryy twerk instagrammer

    his ass is amazing Instagram He also sells explicit content on Twitter
  12. Male Ass Lover

    Hot Butt Videos On Youtube.

    i've got QUITE the male butt fetish and there's just something super hot about finding jerk off material on youtube. share your favorites below and lets start a collection!
  13. C

    Help Me Find This Guy On Tiktok????

    There was this straight blonde college dude that used to show off his ass constantly and used to twerk and do the clenching dances and had the most gorgeous ass and furry thighs and I can't for the life of me find him anymore. All I remember is that all his videos were done in his dorm room and...
  14. C

    Twerking Thread - Females, Males, Transgenders

    twerking - no matter the gender. just sexy people shaking their (preferably phat) booty Women Men (can be masculine, feminine, crossdressers etc.) Transgender
  15. K

    Video Nightclub Dancing / Twerking On Guy

    Looking for videos of couples dancing, the dirtier the better. I'm looking for Guy/Girl especially.
  16. B

    Kike Hernandez From The La Dodgers Twerking Is My New Obsession

    Are there anymore videos of him doing stuff like this out there?
  17. H

    Skype Booty Show!

    22 Male skinny twink str8 bottom looking for group of BBC or any BBC daddies that like watching white boys spread that booty an show off on cam for them! Add me live:ttg_ttg1337 BBC ONLY PLEASE!
  18. giocio

    Video Amber hayes

    Anything on the beauty?
  19. J

    Video Im horny again

    i just love taking pictures and videos of myself and sending it to peoplelate at night. No daddy can make me bahave;)
  20. Canarioygor

    Video Guys shaking their asses and stuff, twerking and everything else.

    So, do you guys have some videos of guys twerking? I really enjoy them, like the Rocha Twins of that brazilian guy, Jazon Morais, who has some great moves with his ass. So, please, share some the videos you have regarding the title.