1. S

    Homemade Muscle bottoms

    Anyone got homemade (not OF) content of jocks or muscular men getting their backs blown out? By twinks or twunks or even hunks, idc. I know there are other threads on topics like this one but they either are really crappy studio stuff or equally boring OF stuff. I wanna hear real moaning and...
  2. yahoofrthetipper

    id the bottom please
  3. M

    Video Daddy Bottoms

    Does anybody find any other videos starring this bottom daddy?
  4. G

    Any Website Or Videos Of Twinks Topping Muscle Hunks Like These...

    I've been wanting more websites or videos of twinks topping muscle hunks... or vice versa... was wondering if anyone knows hot ones like these WilliamHiggins - Alan Pekny & Tomas Berger RAW - BACKSTAGE