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twitter gay

  1. L

    Photos & Videos Lorenzo Lopez (Lorenzo18859677 on Twitter)

    Anything on this sexy stud? Lots of great stuff on his Twitter, I was wondering if there was more ass content from him.
  2. J

    Sagipapii ?

    Anything on Sagipapii on all socials other than the few pictures and videos on Twitter/X?
  3. J


    Anything else on Twitter user yyancyy? Other than the post that he re-shares and re-uploads of course. He’s a cute twink but a big dick also has OF with the same name
  4. L


    Anything on him?
  5. J

    Pedro Plebillo twitter (x)

    Alguien ha comprado contenido de la cuenta de twitter de @plebillo_pedro ? Compartan
  6. C

    Kazou anyone?

    Hi does anyone have Anything on this guy? His name is kazoukun on Twitter. I know he has some photos and videos floating around online.
  7. H

    Can anyone ID this guy please?

    Looking to ID a guy who goes by the name Luca Reeves (lucareevesx) on his 18+ twitter account (may be a fake name) .... regardless doesn't seem to have any other social media and unsure if account is real or someone using his photos. Would love to know who it is. Any help would be appreciated...
  8. Effortlessly_baby

    Monzi Barreto

    Monzi Barreto Twitter @ Monzibarreto07 @ Monzi_Barreto_ @ ChicOnly6 Insta @ monzibarreto OF @ dickmonzixxl OnlyFans Not on Do Not Post List
  9. Hungvers18


    Does anyone have content of thins hunk? Been following for a while and haven't seen any threads about him (weirdly enough)
  10. Danter11

    Derly Ribeiro

    Login • Instagram https://twitter.com/ribeiro_derly https://privacy.com.br/Checkout/Motoboygostoso/
  11. C

    Beto Carrasquero

    appreciation thread for Roberto “Beto” Carrasquero Dimopoulos. beautiful Venezuelan guy twitter: @BetoCarrasquero insta: @betocarrasquero
  12. J

    Photo Anything on mike yang?

  13. hockeydick

    saintrizla (the boof fairy) Twitter guy

    Does anyone got more pics of this bi twink from the UK? He talks about the horrors of being a former sex worker on Twitter but is also funny AF and adorable. I know he has cock picks in his Twitter circle. I need to see his dick so bad for some reason. He is anti-porn but loves showing off his...
  14. N

    anyone has nudes from twitter user @/robsalesz?

    he apparently has a huge dick. anyone has anything on him? ppl said he has a secondary account for nsfw but i can't seem to find it. - ele aparantemente tem um pauzao. alguem tem alguma coisa dele? o povo disse que ele tem uma outra conta +18 mas não achei nada.
  15. S

    Links OTAKU 3 PERNAS / @uiuifdp2 - Someone got anything from his OF?

    https://privacy.com.br/Checkout/uiufdp/ https://twitter.com/uiufdp2/status/1636852485385072642 https://twitter.com/uiufdp2/status/1612240154013360134
  16. okk89

    help me find this video i saw on twitter

    could someone help me find this vid i remember seeing on twt,the video was a guy jerking off in a car,he had panties on and a toy under his dick,im like 99 percent sure the acc that posted it got banned,the caption was something like 'sisters panties✅mommys toy✅'
  17. C

    Photo Identify please

    Does anyone know who he is? He was on Twitter but never found him again Alguien sabe quién es?, estaba en Twitter pero pero no recuerdo su usuario
  18. C

    Photo Identify please

    Does anyone know who he is? He was on Twitter but never found him again Alguien sabe quién es?, estaba en Twitter pero pero no recuerdo su usuario
  19. L

    Photos & Videos @jonnel_macana Fotos recentes

    ALGUÉM TEM UMA FOTO RECENTE DELE? Alguém tem uma foto recente dele? @Jonnel_macana Somente fãs: @jossxxl
  20. M


    Alguien tiene sus fotos?
  21. D

    your favorite Latin hot guys on Twitter

    Hi. so I found this guy on Twitter/TikTok and I really like it (@XStarFlashX ) share me your.
  22. Danter11

    Felipe Ghadieh

    Login • Instagram https://twitter.com/ghadilipe
  23. mosees

    Links Does anyone have Seupo's onlyfans (made recently)?

    Hot guy on twitter that recently started an onlyfans (OnlyFans).
  24. noirr

    Photos & Videos whois444colt/plcaxx

    saw this hottie on tiktok and I was wondering if anyone has subscribed??
  25. D

    Blake Herman (@Blake92188116)

    New twitter find. He’s gorgeous and country. Anybody got anything in him??
  26. BBCKing78

    Big Booty Dude

    https://twitter.com/tjhp23_ I LOVE this man's twitter. Hoping someone on here will have more pics or videos of him? I love a good beefy dude, fit, but still something to grab unto, jiggle and smack lol
  27. T

    Who is he?

    Does anyone know who this guy is?
  28. okk89


    can someone post this guys onlyfans videos??
  29. S

    Photos & Videos Andreu King (@andruxxx OF; @CristiNF4F TW) guy with big juicy nipples

    Does anyone has content from his OF? This thread is meant to be for sharing what's being asked, not to be reposting what's already on his TW (since it's his public account)! For example these really HOT videos I found where his nipples are being sucked and showing off his body:
  30. C

    Photo alxndr.arthr / italianwinemom

    really hot guy. not sure if there’s anything on him, just wanted to start an appreciation thread with pics from his socials insta: @alxndr.arthr twitter: @italianwinemom