1. ShyHornyAfreakcan

    Do you attract your type?

    When I was younger and first came out, I was very "Don't judge him for looks, get to know him". Done with that crap. I let guys who I wasn't attracted to...disrespect me. It's a tricky situation. If they're insecure, they'll accuse you of things/gaslight, try to make you feel less than so you...
  2. Powerfull

    Your penis

    Hello everyone. How is your penis ? You can add a photo if you want. Mine is : Elk man. Few visible veins. Uncut.
  3. m4ss1ved000d

    What types of member pics do you enjoy?

    In an attempt to keep mine, and other’s profiles exciting I’d love to hear what kind of shots everyone likes to see from men in their gallery. Certain angles? Poses? Body parts? Actions? Feel free to post examples!