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  1. chris.py2

    Photo Ryan Matthew White

    Web Personality Ryan Matthew White (born 1st September 2003) is from Edmond, Oklahoma studying at University of New Haven, Connecticut right now. A lot of photos, probably screenshots of his cam shows are floating around online, e.g. collected in this imgbb album. Does anyone have more pics or...
  2. N

    18-22 University/College Students

    Sup lads, 19 Y.O. curious Student and Athlete from the UK here looking to make a group for similarly aged guys who wanna chill out, trade, or meet up. The group is mainly for UK Uni lads but ill add anyone in the 18-22 age category if you're fit. add me on snap; hartn2003 or post your...
  3. A

    Cucked by My Lewd Professor

    I had this crush on one of my professors in my uni in my first year. He has a wife and a kid so I know I had no chance. But I still tried to talk to him as much as possible. Like I would ask him to have a casual conversation with me if he has time. At first it was going well, we shared our...
  4. H

    Monmouth university

    I go to Monmouth university in jersey and I’m definitely looking to cruise around campus in between classes. Students and professors. anyone else on here go to Monmouth during the week?
  5. A

    University Flatmates

    Author's Note: This is my first post on this site, and also my first time attempting to write anything of this kind. For a bit of background, this is based in the UK and is hopefully a decent enough read. Might be a bit of a slow burn at first? Enjoy :) - AH Will's alarm went off a 6:45am, a...
  6. Greyjoy_Dick

    Photo Trifateyt YouTubers

    Hi I recently discovered this YouTube channel called Trifateyt they mostly do reactions and gaming and vlogs and it's run by 2 make cousins. I'm just wondering if they have any nudes out they're because they're both really cute. Here's their IG as well.
  7. FitCollegeDude

    Next Story : "best Friend's Huge Cock" Or "cock Superpowers"

    Hey guys. I'm just looking for some feedback on which story to do next. Likewise, I’d like to hear your thoughts on my two current stories: Hung Sauna Daddy Three Hung Black Triplets Have Fun With @christoff (short Story) Any suggestions or changes you’d like to see in the future? Story 1 ...
  8. I

    Luke_catton Onlyfans

    His onlyfans is OnlyFans he’s a cute English twink. Here are some pics from his Twitter (@luke_catton)
  9. bexrules

    Photos & Videos Gorgeous Italian University Student

    I managed to salvage this video from Tumblr before the purge and recently discovered the additional video and photo. Does anybody have any more?
  10. Shofixti

    College Men And Dorm Cock

    This forum has some great themed threads, but I can't see one dedicated to college guys. So I'll try to add to this over time.
  11. Bardox

    The Left Continues To Push For Segregation...

    University hosts no-whites-allowed faculty and staff listening sessions — to promote inclusivity | The College Fix Another example of the fringe left putting out racist rhetoric trying to segregate universities. The "inclusionary listening sessions" described by this particular band of...
  12. F

    Any anthropologists here?

    Where it be amateur, professional, or just a fan of the study.... are there any Anthropologists on LPSG? I like to consider myself an amateur anthropologist and I find this place very interesting. Anyone else?