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  1. hotfucker3

    NYC Out & About

    Was just bored today and started thinking whether anyone had any hot experiences in public across NYC? Every time I go to any bathroom I can’t help but hope I bump into another huge dick at the urinal.
  2. S

    My Oblivious Friend Carlos & His Fat Cock

    This happened to me during the winter break and I figured I should share the story as it’s been replaying in my mind ever since. I’ll use code names and won’t share specific details to remain anonymous. I figured I’d extend it to separate parts as it would be a lot as one post. Pt. 1 I’ve known...
  3. M

    Urinal Dick Pics

    Hey! I find cruising hot and love seeing pics/watching videos of guys at urinals…. So drop your pics below I have attached mine!
  4. B

    Peeing hands free

    Hey! So when I’m at home. I have a low toilet. I’m 6’2 and I am too tall but most times I hate aiming and feel like I get a better piss when I am pissing hands free in my shower. Can anyone relate? Do you like peeing hands free?
  5. C

    Southern Ontario Gloryhole/Peepholes?

    Hey 21 yr old male in southern ontario in the london/chatham area. Any peepholes or gloryholes in public restrooms around?
  6. S

    Whatever happened to...

    Whatever happened to that video at a Toronto sports center bathroom? It was an hour long or so spy video of the urinals at a sports complex bathroom in Toronto and featured lots of athletic men and their dicks caught while they used the urinals. Anyone know where I can find this again?
  7. Q

    Snapchat piss

    Ello boys would love to see guys pissing. If you like show you pissing or have videos of guys pissing. Then please dm me and ill add your snap. If i get enough ill start a pissing snapchat group.
  8. C

    Best SpyCam Vids?

    Hey guys, Where can you find the best vids of guys in the locker room showers or urinals? Like this one? https://video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/1496966596128088066/pu/vid/1280x720/jrw2j4xycccNlj9W.mp4?tag=12
  9. HairyAussieBloke

    The Sneaky Perv Look

    Photos and videos of guy looking at other guys junk sneakily. Like that look at the urinal we all do when you wanna see the cock next to you. But you have to be sly.
  10. C

    List Of Stadiums, Venues, Airports, Without Urinal Dividers?

    Hey guys, Post covid lets compile a list of places where there are no dividers and guys just let their cocks hang free. Or just very low dividers. I can think of a few: 1. Dodger Stadium (no dividers -some great urinal types to see cock) 2. Petco Park (no dividers) 3. Chicago O'hare (no...
  11. T

    Restrooms With Best Urinal For Cock Peeping

    Used to get great views along 95 in NJ, but the rest stops are being updated. Any good recommendations to show off and see other cocks?
  12. S

    Charlotte, Nc Info

    Hey guys, looking for a little help. Brand new to Charlotte and would like to find some good spots to see 19-35 yo crowd. Would prefer open showers, urinals with no dividers, cruisy areas, etc. Not into the gay bar scene, but may eventually try that too. Im in my 40's fit, bi, white, 140#...
  13. 909Biggie

    You Win

    “You Win” I entered the men’s room and noticed the long row of urinals along the far wall. There they waited, placed nicely on the wall a cool foot apart from each other, inviting men to uninhibitedly bare their wares in the presence of others of like mind. I love unguarded urinals; they help...
  14. D

    Masturbating And Cumming At A Urinal

    Have you ever masturbated at a public urinal? Have you cum in a public urinal? Did anyone see?
  15. B

    Balls In Or Balls Out?

    When at a urinal or when standing to owe, do you pull out just your cock or cock and balls? Public? At home? Pics?
  16. jp

    Open Urinals Without Dividers Or Troughs In Nyc

    Looking to show off and see other horses in the city. Does anyone know of some good places in New York City that have open urinals? Manhattan, Brooklyn, any of the boroughs will do. Are there any online resources that might just have this list?
  17. C

    Nyc Urinals Without Dividers / Open Showers

    I am going to be in NYC for the next week and was hoping to get a list of good locations that have a row of urinals without dividers and/or locker rooms with open showers. I am not into cruising, but enjoy the occasional glance from others (8 in and thick here so get a lot of glances if no...
  18. 1

    Non Porn Restroom Fun

    just wanna see non porn restroom fun, understall blowjobs, gloryhole, urinal fun, the works. Overstall is always a good time.
  19. epeezy

    Specific Type Of Spy Urinal Videos

    All spy cam vids are hot but what I'm looking for are specific ones The ones where they're spying on someone but the person being spied on notices and tries to show off his dick by either stroking it for the guys recording, or leaving it hang out longer so he can show it off or even shake the...
  20. DaddyInMissionViejo

    Video Huge mushroom feeder in orange county california

    Looking for eager , bi curious guys between 21-35 to nurse on my big mushroom head weekdays
  21. craf

    Found spy video of yourself?

    Has anyone ever found a spy video of himself/herself online? I always assumed that day would come for me but it was still a little bit of a surprise two days ago when I found a spy video of me using a public urinal. That seems to have opened up a bit of a Pandora's Box as now I have found a...
  22. R

    360 degree open trough urinals

    When i was younger I remember peeing in a open-style trough urinal in the middle of the bathroom. The guys would come up from any old side and do their business; it was basically a big rectangle. This was in Honolulu, HI in the late 90s. It's been a long time and I've never seen something...