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  1. S

    Photos & Videos Alejandro Orellana

    Anything from ajro_offi ? I think he is from Venezuela but lives in Ecuador.
  2. M

    Enrique Salazar

    This sexy Venezuelan beauty is Enrique Salazar. He has a booty that’ll make straight men look twice and turn gay. He has one of the most beautifully proportioned asses I’ve ever seen. There has to be nudes of him out there. Thoughts? IG: enriquesalazarjm7
  3. M

    Model Rosmel / Rosmel Perdomo

    Anyone have anything more on this Venezuelan model and fitness personality?
  4. R

    Eloy krauus MODEL venezolano

    Ya es hora de armar un hilo de este modelo venezolano , cuenta un amigo que tiene una verga muy rica alguien tendrá foto ??
  5. J

    Albert Gámez - albertagc

    Does anyone have anything from him? Rumor has it he opened an OF and need help finding it
  6. S


    This guy started OF recently, anyone has the material he’s posting? is it worth it? looks like it, but not sure yet
  7. Moliveros

    JUAN CARLOS LOBO @ellobodelasalsa (ex cantante de los grupos adolescente y proyecto A)

    Juan Carlos Lobo “El Lobo de la Salsa” Cantante, compositor y músico, ex integrante de ADOLESCENTES y PROYECTO A, ORQUESTAS de Venezuela.
  8. C

    Photo Alerzdg

    Super handsome user @//alerzdg. Been posting risqué content for years, supposedly has an even more nsfw alt
  9. Werdog

    Ezequiel scarpato / scarpatoland

    He's so fucking hot and he just opened an onlyfans! OnlyFans @scarpatoland on Twitter
  10. C

    Venezuelan Guys 2

    alguien sabe que sucedió con el hilo anterior tenia muy buen contenido y ya no aparece
  11. Dwnpfans

    Luis Mintegui

    Bello Latino Instagram Luis Mintegui (@minteguiluis22) • Instagram photos and videos Tiktok TikTok
  12. H

    Luigi Primero (Luigi papasito)

    Hi. Yesterday August 11th 2022 Luigi Primero started an onlyfans. He is so cute I think he deserves a thread.
  13. M

    Photo Robincal Fajardo - sexy Venezuelan/Venezolano DJ

    Just discovered this guy. Found a few good things - anyone got videos or anything more?
  14. P

    Deportistas de Venezuela

    Alexander González futbolista de la selección nacional y que ha jugado en Suiza, España, Rumania y Armenia
  15. M

    Photo Miguel Leonn

    Wondering about this guy, an early 2000s pornstar who I believe also escorted in New York and Florida. Originally from Venezuela, he was active until a few years ago ... wondering if anyone knows where he landed, what he's up to today and if he has a presence online anymore.
  16. J

    Photos & Videos @cesxrl @cesxrlm Cesar Lira Onlyfans

    does anyone have any of this? Cesar Lira Twitter: cesxrl Instagram: cesxrlm Onlyfans: Calmx
  17. R

    Venezuelan Fitness God Manuel Carrillo

    What do we know about this ripped, handsome stud? https://instagram.com/manuelcarrillo01
  18. E

    Emmanuel Palomares

    Any pics?
  19. slimboyccs

    Hello Everybody!

    Hi! It's me you favorite slim boy from Caracas, Venezuela. Nah, what a cheesy introduction haha :joy:, but whatever. I'm new in this forum, and I would really like to make friends, meet people, I don't know, whatever it takes! I'm 28 years old right now (soon I'll be 29, omg time really flies...
  20. E


    Anything about this guy?
  21. E


    Alguien tiene algo de este chico, es un modelo venezolano, esta en IG
  22. F


    Should the U.S. do anything? I don't believe we should. Do you?