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  1. M

    Photo Robincal Fajardo - sexy Venezuelan/Venezolano DJ

    Just discovered this guy. Found a few good things - anyone got videos or anything more?
  2. coreyscoolcats

    Does anybody knows something about Zacck from Flirt4free?

    Does anybody knows anything about this Flirt4Free Venezuelan model ZACCK? (DOUBLE C) Alguien sabe algo de este modelo venezolano de Flirt4Free Zacck? (con doble c) Es musculoso, tiene 30 años y mide 1.85 pero dice que no tiene alguna red social. He's a 30 years old, 6ft muscular hunk, but no...
  3. Deerika

    Venezuelan Artista Urbano Jerry Di

    I've been following him for a few weeks now, and loving his music, and cherry on top? He's so fine. Literally my top male celeb crush. Anyone have anything on him? He fluid? Any nudes? Alguein tiene de Jerry Di?
  4. P

    Deportistas de Venezuela

    Alexander González futbolista de la selección nacional y que ha jugado en Suiza, España, Rumania y Armenia
  5. D

    Photo William Badell Grindr Nudes- Emirates Cabin Crew - Escort Gay Dubai - 3rd classified Mister Supranational Venezuela 2021

    Model, cabin crew for Emirates and worldwide escort, based in the United Arab Emirates. Showing off his naked ass and cock on Grindr app in dubai where he regularly works. Posing sexy on rentmen.com At day time job: Provocative cheeky santa: Showing off his cock on hooking app Grindr...
  6. M

    Video I need to know him!

    Do you know him?, can you give me his name.
  7. AndyPuche

    David Quintero (soydavidquimer)

    ¿Alguien tiene más información sobre él?
  8. M

    Photo Miguel Leonn

    Wondering about this guy, an early 2000s pornstar who I believe also escorted in New York and Florida. Originally from Venezuela, he was active until a few years ago ... wondering if anyone knows where he landed, what he's up to today and if he has a presence online anymore.
  9. lalalalaladarius

    Jhosmer Reinoso

    Explicit Photos from his Twitter
  10. J

    Marco Antonio (huge Dick Venezuelan God)

    He's so hot and his dick is huge
  11. slimboyccs

    Hello Everybody!

    Hi! It's me you favorite slim boy from Caracas, Venezuela. Nah, what a cheesy introduction haha :joy:, but whatever. I'm new in this forum, and I would really like to make friends, meet people, I don't know, whatever it takes! I'm 28 years old right now (soon I'll be 29, omg time really flies...
  12. N

    Venezuelans Actors

    Luis Geronimo Abreu. Movie: "La noche de las dos lunas"
  13. M

    Carlitos "machine_bestrong"

    Carlitos is a hot Venezuelan bodybuilder, who recently started an onlyfans profile. He is super sexy and has an amazing thick cock. www.twitter.com/carlitoxsurf www.instagram.com/machine_bestrong www.onlyfans.com/machine_bestrong
  14. 1

    Id This Guy Please