1. S

    Photos & Videos Brayan Hernandez @Brayan_eht (Bailarin y tiktoker)

    Alguien tiene contenido de este papasito Venezolano?
  2. B

    Ricardo Segovia

    I didn't see a thread on Venezuelan bodybuilder Ricardo Segovia. He is hot! Does anyone have anything? Instagram
  3. J

    Kabeto | Carlos Lorenzo

    Algo de @kabeto? Influencer y Comediante Venezolano
  4. N

    Deivy tablera

  5. S

    Alejandro Manrique (ale_manri)

    Hi, does anyone have anything on this hottie?
  6. S

    Mister James / Mr. James

    He's a sexy hung Venezuelan stripper. Here's some evidence: Do you have any other vid of his?
  7. Bluebailey

    Boy David

    Sexy bottom latino. Anyone would like to share your appreciation for his work.
  8. M

    Enrique Salazar

    This sexy Venezuelan beauty is Enrique Salazar. He has a booty that’ll make straight men look twice and turn gay. He has one of the most beautifully proportioned asses I’ve ever seen. There has to be nudes of him out there. Thoughts? IG: enriquesalazarjm7
  9. S

    Photo Alguien sabe si tiene OF

    El se llama Javier Romero es modelo y hoy puso un story en FB dando como un review de un juguete sexual y queria saber si tiene OF? Trate de buscar algún post aquí de el pero no encontré.
  10. msriffraff

    Model Rosmel / Rosmel Perdomo

    Anyone have anything more on this Venezuelan model and fitness personality?
  11. J

    Hector Saavedra (@hectorsaavedraa) | Tiktoker

    Nada de el? Es tiktoker venezolano
  12. S


    This guy started OF recently, anyone has the material he’s posting? is it worth it? looks like it, but not sure yet
  13. BigDmann

    Onlyfans Johnthegold

    Does anyone have content from this guy's onlyfans?
  14. S

    Gianc Bernardi

    Hi, does anyone have anything about Gianc Bernardi? He's hot AF. He used to be a scort.
  15. M


    Chico de Twitter
  16. Deerika

    Jerry Di

    Anything on Jerry Di? He's a beautiful Venezuelan artist and is quite popular, thanks mostly to his hit "Mi Cuarto". Personally, he's one of my biggest crushes.
  17. Danter11


  18. Marco Tony

    Hot Latino Men From South America

    You possibly noticed that the latin men thread is deleted. Like many other threads lately. So i made another one with the hope that it will stay. Just a reminder that you need to respect the rules. Which means type masking is not allowed. You must type the full name of the men you post. You cant...
  19. C

    Venezuelan Guys 2

    alguien sabe que sucedió con el hilo anterior tenia muy buen contenido y ya no aparece
  20. P

    Rene Velazco, venezuelan singer in Onlyfans

    Lo mejor del contenido de Onlyfans del cantante venezolano Rene Velazco :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :imp: :imp:
  21. Danter11

    Angel Acevedo @aj_acevedo

  22. L

    Estebanesser1 / Estebandavid from Tik Tok

    Just discovered this guy and was hoping someone might have something on him.
  23. Danter11

    jossxxl aka joss blum joiser

  24. msriffraff

    Photo Robincal Fajardo - sexy Venezuelan/Venezolano DJ

    Just discovered this guy. Found a few good things - anyone got videos or anything more?
  25. coreyscoolcats

    Does anybody knows something about Zacck from Flirt4free?

    Does anybody knows anything about this Flirt4Free Venezuelan model ZACCK? (DOUBLE C) Alguien sabe algo de este modelo venezolano de Flirt4Free Zacck? (con doble c) Es musculoso, tiene 30 años y mide 1.85 pero dice que no tiene alguna red social. He's a 30 years old, 6ft muscular hunk, but no...
  26. Deerika

    Venezuelan Artista Urbano Jerry Di

    I've been following him for a few weeks now, and loving his music, and cherry on top? He's so fine. Literally my top male celeb crush. Anyone have anything on him? He fluid? Any nudes? Alguein tiene de Jerry Di?
  27. P

    Deportistas de Venezuela

    Alexander González futbolista de la selección nacional y que ha jugado en Suiza, España, Rumania y Armenia
  28. M

    Video I need to know him!

    Do you know him?, can you give me his name.
  29. AndyPuche

    David Quintero (soydavidquimer)

    ¿Alguien tiene más información sobre él?
  30. msriffraff

    Photo Miguel Leonn

    Wondering about this guy, an early 2000s pornstar who I believe also escorted in New York and Florida. Originally from Venezuela, he was active until a few years ago ... wondering if anyone knows where he landed, what he's up to today and if he has a presence online anymore.