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  1. Y

    Hugo Henderson (YouTube)

    He has a bf but, respectfully, he’s such a hot little twink, with a nice fat ass. So I’ll get this started haha
  2. S

    Trade pics and vid’s

    Trying to start a thread where guys that are down to trade nude pics and vid’s post that they’re okay with you sending them a DM to do so. I know theres tons of pictures and videos on here but nothing like a private setting to get each other off.
  3. M

    Cameron Steele

    Does someone has more vids of him?
  4. eosino

    Maks (Onlyfans & Twitter) (18)

    Just discovered this guy from Ukraine, hope he’s doing well. He’s pretty cute, legal all over the world, and has a pretty rocking bod. He has an OF & Twitter and I was wondering if anyone else has heard of him or has anything else I haven’t posted yet! Pics and vids are from his Twitter.
  5. Jimiskewl24

    Any Videos Apps Like "myvidstar"?

    Are their any videos apps for porn that are similar to Myvidstar?
  6. Jmatt19910

    New Member - 29 Horny Bi Guy

    Heyy, 29 here from Canada and Bi. Love taking pics and vids and showing off. Love to chat with people over the world and trade pics and vids. Chatting with a couple is super hot too and seeing homemade pics, but I love chatting with anyone and trading. Hope to meet some new chat buds! Love to...
  7. D

    Photo Dickposer88's Account Deleted, Anyone Has Pics And Vida Of Him?

    His account is no more. Anyone still has his pics and vids to post them here?
  8. Vinty

    Johnny_llee Pics/vids

    anyone have anything on him? He’s so beautiful and some of his professional pics have decent dick prints lol
  9. Topbreed

    Give me a " v" - reach for the sky