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  1. M

    Does anyone have anything on Samori Dobson?

    Does anyone have anything on Samori Dobson. The Man is Perfection.
  2. AngelEmOr

    Skype Account: Live:.cid.302b68f73bc68300

    Hey there- My name is Angel and I'm inherently a verbally oriented person, and that hold true for sex. It's verbal moaning, voices and ways of saying things that get me hard. I've found it very difficult to find anyone to take part in Skype Voice Chats that are, in essence, the new era...
  3. AngelEmOr

    Looking For Skype Voice Chat

    Looking for someone to talk to tonight about hot LPSG topics while using Skype. My Skype username is "Angel A". Send me a private message here if you'r interested. Thanks!
  4. 5

    What Do Moan When You Cum?

    Is there any word you moan before / while / after you cum? Just only moaning? Nothing? I think that it's common to moan following things: - Fuck - Shit / Shiii - Oh my God - I'm cuming / here we go - 行く (iku; I'm coming) / 気持ち [いい?] (Kimochi [ii?]; feels good) - Japanese - Holy shit - Yeah /...
  5. spaj8987

    Attraction To Women With Deep Or Deeper Voices.

    Are you also attracted to women with deep voices. I watch the expanse a lot. Like a lot a lot. And every time Shohreh Aghdashloo is on screen and speaking i am mesmerized with attraction. She's also a very physically attractive woman too. So am i the only one pulled towards these kinds of women...