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  1. E

    How big is your soft (flaccid) penis?

    How big is your soft / flaccid penis? We all know it can vary a lot in size depending on outer circumstances such as temperature, exercising, stress, loose/tight fitting clothes. So answer what size it is MOST of the time (in normal room temperature without significant outer impacts). Please be...
  2. A

    Porn website - Tell your opinion

    Hi, We develop SexyDixy a new, easaly consumable adult site with nice high quality pictures and videos. Please tell your opinion. If you have any recommendation, let us know. ;) sexydixy.com
  3. nolbaby

    The Big Lie

    A lot of twitter-educated people have, from minute 1, accused anybody who questioned the 2020 presidential election of being at best a conspiracy theorist and at worst a white supremacist on a mission to overthrow America. I'm sure this post will be met with raging accusations of right wing...
  4. Yes.No.Whatever

    I Voted Today!

    I voted today and I feel great! Early voting rocks! I am fortunate to live in a state where my vote may actually affect the outcome of the 2020 Presidential Election. Either way - Go Vote!
  5. 4

    How Long Is My Cock

    Curious to see how good an estimator you are.
  6. H

    Battle of the guys

    A competition is instituted to select the most attractive guy in a cohort. The prize is immense for the victor and each loser faces elimination by poison dart to the neck (think Balls of Fury lol). In each round two guys are presented. Your vote will select the guy to be ELIMINATED. In round...