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  1. J


    Hey I’m 18 chubby and hairy looking for a daddy my snap is jakewales212
  2. I

    Photo North Wales

    Anyone based in North Wales? Colwyn here.
  3. S

    Muscle Worship Uk?

    Anyone met a bodybuilder for worship? It sounds so hot
  4. S

    South West/gloucestershire Guys

    i can see theres a post for guys in the midlands so thought why not one for the south west area... Just outside Gloucester here anyone else?
  5. A

    Cockfight uk tour

    Gonna be hitting these towns/cities in the UK throughout April: - Birmingham - Inverness - Glasgow - Edinburgh - Conwy - Caernarfon - Aberystwyth - Cardiff - Shrewsbury Any guys nearby aged 18-30 interested in having a cockfight in a hotel room, hit me up. We can discuss rules & limits in pm