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wardrobe malfunction

  1. ItsMeGabriel

    Sexy Korean YouTube Bodybuilder from back in the day. Does anyone know his name?

    Do any of you remember this stud? He made flexing videos that he published on YouTube. His cock was always visible (either semi-visible or erect vpl). What was his YouTube channel name again? Is he still around? Did he ever make other (fully nude) content?
  2. B

    My boner got stuck in my belt buckle after a sunday afternoon nap

    Well this is a first...so I decide to take a little Sunday afternoon nap. Since I never made my bed in the morning, I decided just to crawl in under the covers yet remain fully clothed. To be comfortable, I did unbotton my jeans and unbuckle my belt. Well I wake up with a raging hard on and my...