1. A

    Wanting to watch someone jerk off or a couple fucking

    Really want to watch a guy jerk off and cum or watch either a gay couple fuck or a guy fuck a girl as I just sit there and watch. Anyone know how to find this? min Southampton, England
  2. doug_gbh

    Watch In London

    Bi guy looking to make friends with people I can watch while they have sex. I’ve done it a few times before and it’s been fun. Would really like to be friends, but watching as a one off would be cool too. Based in London and can travel or accom anyone like to show off?
  3. PhallicApotheosis

    Watching Exhibitionists Doing Normal Activities

    I am a straight showoff and uncut grower. I don’t care who an admirer is, it’s about being objectified and compelling others to while away their time observing me as a form of vain self gratification. I however enjoy simply being observed and conversing with my audience and not only to single...
  4. nice_lad

    Fuck my gf creampie

    looking for a nice guy to hump and fuck my GF while i watch or 3some... hairy is a big plus.. photos in private text here
  5. badfitness

    Watching porn with your gf/wife...

    For those of you that have done this ... do you have nay video suggestions? shes 25 and believe it or not has only watched porn once..... she brought it up about watching together while we mess around and am looking for suggestions. I know most are going to say she lying but i turned some on the...