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  1. shawn10009

    Help With Porn Category Abbreviations

    Is anyone a porn scholar, who knows porn category abbreviations, to help me understand what these abbreviations or perhaps acronyms mean? I have seen them all on porn sites and have not been able to find out what they stand for, I draw a blank on the three below. Suggestions are appreciated...
  2. B

    Video Verbal Fuckers

    Hello everybody, I did a quick search and wasn’t able to find a pre-existing thread on the topic, so here it goes! I get really turned on when a guy talks dirty or is very verbal whilst he’s fucking a bottom. Especially when it’s an older fucks younger situation (not a must though) or when in...
  3. petera

    Premium Porn Accounts For Free

    Hi all, Don't know if it's a big deal on the web already, but I found a site that shares premium porn accounts from big sites like Bangbros and Brazzers. Tested one or two and they seem to work. Unless someone changes the pass I guess.... Free Porn Login - XXX Passwords - Porn Accounts -...
  4. K

    Crossover Porn Stars Who Look Different/unrecognizable In Their Straight Porn Scenes

    I remember there are some male pornstars who do crossover to gay porn but when they do straight porn before that point they had a different appearance prior to entering Gay Porn and quite unrecognizable.
  5. K

    Do You Guys Know Where Aussiebeef84 Is?/ Have Any Videos?

    i remember he had accounts on porn websites in 2015 but deleted them all, one of his videos had 2 million views on manhub but he deleted that too this year, do you know where he is? have any of his videos saved?