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  1. ItsMeGabriel

    Phil Parkinson (Comedian turn Fitness Instructor)

    I introduce to you Mr. Phil Parkinson from the UK. He's the founder and owner of The Circuit Factory in Dubai. Prior to that, he was a comic. I discovered him a few years ago. I just think he's so sexy. He seems to be a bit of a exhibitionist as he always had his ass out, which is quite...
  2. R

    Tighty Whities Wedgies

    Anyone into this kink? I have seen alot of youtubers do them recently.
  3. 1

    Wedgie Fetish

    Have you guys heard of this? What are your thoughts or experiences with it?
  4. 1

    Wedgie fetish opinions/experiences

    Hey guys. Just wondering if anyone else had a wedgie fetish or what your opinions are on them? I couldn't find a thread like this so I hope it hasn't been talked about before. Also, feel free to share your experiences with them if you have some.