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  1. J

    Remaining fat to lose (Do I cut or recomp?) Advice needed!

    Hey, In need of some advice from those of you who are into fitness/gym. So I'm coming to the end of my weight loss journey. I currently weigh 170lbs at 6ft 1, early 20s, cis man. I used to be 230-240lbs. Was eating 1600 or so calories but now I eat about 1800-1900. Although I look somewhat fine...
  2. S

    Weighted Cock Ring

    Hi guys, I’m looking to buy a steel/metal cock ring that goes behind the cock and balls for all day use. I want it both for the look and to help combat shrinkage.I’m also looking for a glans ring(my cock is cone shaped) so recommendations for either are appreciated.Ideal if it’s on Amazon as I...
  3. roundboy

    Corona Weight

    Just wanted to know who else is having this issue lol I gained about 10lbs as I went from 136lbs to 146lbs and my belly suffered the most I guess. Pictures as prove are in my profile :p So how much did you gain, which body part suffered most and of course some prove ;)
  4. Thenialrivera91

    My Personal Journey

    This post is a public invitation for encouragement from anyone reading this. I grew up not liking my body a lot. From my weight, to my skin, to even my penis size when I was younger, I looked in the mirror with disgust. It wasn't a matter of comparing myself to others, just random self-hatred...
  5. sizeking87

    Ideal Daily Pumping And Weight-hanging

    Looking for advice to refine my loose daily regimen... Got a nice Thickwall Cylinder pump (Penis Pump Enlargement Kit - Thickwall Cylinders Ltd), with two tubes: main one is length-focused: 9" long with about 1/8" clearance all around my shaft (easily pack the girth). second is girth-focus: 9"...