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  1. Dom Daddy

    Hows it Going?

    Older guy from UK just wanna say hi to everyone in the forum. Thank you for welcoming me in your group.
  2. facts.people

    Ciao from north of Italy

    ciao a tutti dall’Italia del nord. Qui per curiosare e trovare qualche video! hey everyone, hi from northern Italy. Here for curiosity and to find some videos!
  3. Monkeydfans

    New booty here

    Like I said in my bio, new to this whole process. But hope to meet some people on here who’ll enjoy my content
  4. D

    Hello Members!

    Hello everyone. I am a newbie and wanted to say hello, I look forward to seeing all your posts, threads and hopefully responses. Get to know me so I can get to know you :heart:
  5. D

    Darren Thomas - The LPSG Newbie!

    Hello everyone! Thanks for giving us new members a space to introduce ourselves and mingle! My details are on my profile if you want to chat and I can't wait to meet you all. Maybe say hello and introduce yourself (new and old!)
  6. BADway

    Any Welcome For An Arabic Cock !?☀️

    Hello beautiful people, I have registered on this website a while ago, only today did the photo verification process which have enriched my whole experience ♥️ I am open minded and available for everyone to greet talk and discuss, i put all my knowledge and experience in your hands. Hoover over...
  7. L

    Overdue But Hello

    Started posting a few days ago out of curiosity to see what it’s like. Turns out this place is a lot of fun. Guys like to be objectified too! Already want to thank you all for the kind words. I think I’ll hang around for a little bit
  8. bootsguy

    Hello, Mabuhay!

    Hello everyone! I am just new to this site so I want to introduce myself first. I am Bootsguy 35 from Iloilo, Philippines and I am excited to be a member of this community. I want to learn from this group, watch some exciting videos and see some arousing photos and read some kinky stories as...
  9. Vinty

    Fresh from dallas..

    What's up, figured I'd check this site out! :imp::innocent: Twitter @vinnygael IG @vinnygael Tumblr vinty69