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women's sexuality

  1. nileymixery

    Not longer tight - Wide Vaginas

    Hey guys, as women have to deal with the size of the penis, men have to deal with the tightness - or non tighness - of female vaginas. How tight a woman is has a direct impact on our sex life. Women with tighter vaginas need smaller penises or sex toys. Women with wider vaginas need a larger...
  2. Andrea Candelli

    Hey There Lpsg@}~~~

    Andrea Candelli with not much to add or ask yet. I DO welcome experiential shares and fantastical desires. PM to and fro, general Shenanigans, etc. Plus; contemplating giving my 1% one more try , after a brief 3.5+ decades. Advice for the old maid now thinking about new meat?
  3. MisterB

    Women's Sexuality

    I saw an interesting thread today entitled "Women's Sexuality" in the Ask a Man Forum. Since women cannot respond in that forum, I thought the points raised by that thread's Originating Poster might receive some interesting feedback if women could post their thoughts. Here's the link to that...