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world cup

  1. treyking402

    Samuel Granada -Soccer Player-

  2. M

    Nico Schlotterbeck -German footballer

    This guy is really hot. Won me over with that smile and hot bod. Anyone have pics?
  3. treyking402

    U.S Men’s Soccer Team

  4. 8

    Christian Pulisic -USMNT soccer player

    Starting a thread for “Captain America” of this version of the USMNT.
  5. 1

    FIFA WORLD CUP 2022 - The Hottest

    With the World Cup approaching, I thought it was a good idea to have a place to share the hottest players on the squads going - as well as those who look the hottest whilst they're there. Pleased Grealish got picked for England.
  6. L

    England world cup team

    Yooooo. Any1 got anything on the lads from this team, dele, Walker, sterling All sexi. Put ur pics ere...