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young adult

  1. T

    Latino From California

    Hello Everyone! I’m a 5’7 20 year old college student from Pomona. Looking to meet new people, make friends/fwb, maybe hu. Down to meet if you’re not too far. Happy to join the community!
  2. Q

    NEW SNAPCHAT GROUPFor Everybody/ Straight-Closet-Bi-Gay

    Ello boys, im wanting to start new snap group where everyone can show off with no strings attached. If you like showing off to others and with other then message me and ill add you to the new group.
  3. G

    @thebycethompson model

    This guy is an absolute stud. He’s hot enough to be a mainstream model or even a pornstar but his OF is small enough that he still responds and makes individual customs. I’ve spend $500 on having customs made and he always gotten them to me. Fuck it’s nice - I hope he doesn’t blow up too much
  4. C

    Amor platónico

    ¿Alguien sabe quién es esta maravilla de hombre?
  5. C

    Photo Identify this stud

    Came across this guy the other day at the Gay Body Blog (link below for reference). Can anyone help identify this adorable stud?? Random Teasing Show Offs We All Want More Of
  6. A

    David Quintero (soydavidquimer)

    ¿Alguien tiene más información sobre él?
  7. heyluca1

    New here

    Hello everyone!! 25 yr old from Sweden. New here! My first pic.. ;) https://www.lpsg.com/gallery/screenshot_20220114-084613_gallery-jpg.9831441/
  8. GayGay21

    Florida Meet Up

    Hey, I really would love to hang out, chat about porn preferences, fantasies, whatv and try new things with other guys my age, I’m from Florida near Ocala but am willing to drive futher. looking for college guys or young guys 18-28 that are looking for the same or interested I’m 21, male, fit...
  9. white-stallion96

    Travis Grant (big bulge)

    Big bulge on him. Nude pics? Travis Grant by Lester Villarama - Maximo Magazine
  10. R

    100$ reward ID This Blonde Guy/Couple Please (Straight Video) - repost: upped reward

    Hello! Sorry to repost this - upped the reward to 100$ for: - Full length video - Their social porn page (either or Twitter/Pornhub/Onlyfans etc) Desperately trying to find more of this couple - I have already tried reverse image search for hours with no luck though. Does anyone know them...
  11. L

    Nik Strange

    Nik Strange is a popular streamer/youtuber from Argentina. He may not be as famous as other from its kind (he’s a geek), but he stands out from the rest in his amazing body
  12. S

    Vegard Harm

    Anyone got anything on this hot Norwegian guy, Vegard Harm?
  13. 2

    25 Looking For Older Men

    im looking for older men to teach me how to deepthroat and get better at sucking i have a 8 inch dildo and i cam on skype or you preferred place like dominant men and dont mind doing it with a group of old men pm me for skype
  14. T

    Amari Bailey

  15. T

    Amari Bailey

  16. T

    Photos & Videos Please Help Find This Gay Porn Video

    This video I would have to say isn't that old, I think it was on Pornhub prior to them deleting a majority of their content but I'm not 100% sure. It was a young guy probably 20s, he was pale skinny and tall with short hair that was wavy. He was bottoming to a guy that was much older (40s,50s)...
  17. fakboi

    Harry Gregory

    Do we have anything on this lad?
  18. C

    Issac Rossiter

    Issac's birthday was the other day and he's now legal! Plus, he's opened an OnlyFans already!!! Are you freaking out?! I'm freaking out!!! IG: @issacrossiter2 OnlyFans: OnlyFans And here's a new pic of him which is sheet after his birthday...
  19. Arochato

    Photos & Videos Big Str8 White Cock (bigdawg1o1)

    Anyone knows more about this guy ?
  20. C

    Milfs With Young Girls Lesbian Porn / Mature Ladies (cougars, Gilfs) With Younger Women

    G/G (girl-girl), threesome or orgies featuring milfs and young women (often MILF "teaching" younger woman about sex & pussy) lesbian porn
  21. L

    Photo Bravo German Magazine

    Im not german but i came up with pictures of amateur male models in sex ed articles for bravo german magazine. Anyone has other pics or knows one of the young models or knows if one of them has become a celeb or a porn star by any chance?
  22. sexyconcrafter

    Andreas Wellinger

    Andreas Wellinger is a German ski jumper. He's got a hot body. I met him in person once and he gave me some gay vibes. Plus he's got a nice bulge ;P
  23. 6

    21 Male From Uk

    Hey, everyone! Nice to meet you all. I’m Andy, 21, from the United Kingdom. I’m gay, consider myself a top, into all kinds of different things. Been lurking here for a while, can’t wait to get started!
  24. 5

    Tesudosafado4 / Negos30

    There was a guy called tesudosafado4 and later with a new account negos30, can't find him anymore. Any stuff on him? Could only find these pictures:
  25. U

    Vinnie Hacker (tik Tok)

    anyone got anything on him?
  26. DF1994

    Quirin Maximillian Furst (@quirin_4800) - Young Football Fitness Model

    A relatively unknown young fitness model who seems to have a proclivity to the game of football, we may be seeing the rise of another young fitness model
  27. Shofixti

    College Men And Dorm Cock

    This forum has some great themed threads, but I can't see one dedicated to college guys. So I'll try to add to this over time.