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young alpha

  1. C

    Stefano Tomadini - male model

    Does anyone have any info about this beautiful Italian man who lives in London.
  2. stratoarco

    Hey ;) (reintroducing Myself)

    I'm not new here but I'm not as active as I'd like. What do you think about my comeback pic? I hope it was worth the wait ;)9389371
  3. L

    Nik Strange

    Nik Strange is a popular streamer/youtuber from Argentina. He may not be as famous as other from its kind (he’s a geek), but he stands out from the rest in his amazing body
  4. P

    Instagram Models Flexing Videos & Pictures

    Anybody bought some personal flexing videos or photos of any kind?
  5. Arochato

    Photos & Videos Big Str8 White Cock (bigdawg1o1)

    Anyone knows more about this guy ?
  6. F

    Snapchat Fraternity Group

    I’ve been wanting to start a group for young, fit, straight (leaning) frat guys on snapchat. A lot of group chat’s I’ve seen on here tend to be inactive or older so the goal for this one is to keep it alive. This is gonna be a group where you can post your cumshots, compare size, share hookup...
  7. B

    New Italian Big Cock In The Netherlands!

    Hi there, I recently moved to the Netherlands, in South Holland, not so far from Amsterdam. I am 90% straight and I am open to know couples (I am very curios to interact with a couple, is a little dream) and single ladies. I feel also attracted transexuals or by dudes with big cocks (at least as...
  8. P

    Seanscully5 On Tiktok

    Can anyone find nudes of him? I can see all his tiktoks... but cant even find shirtless pics. Anyone anything? Bueller?
  9. R

    Submissive Older/dominant Younger Porn

    If there's already a thread about this, please share the link! Basically, I'm really into slim hung young (18-25) twink boy types that totally dominate and top submissive daddy-type older guy (extra erotic points if their dicks are smaller than the boy!) And I'm not necessarily talking about...