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Discussion in 'Show Off' started by sgtrock, Jan 25, 2011.

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    I sleep in the nude and rise every morning at 4:00AM; it’s a habit since I was in the marines (the waking up not sleeping in the nude). Anyway I get up and get ready to go to Gold’s to do my workout when they open at 5:00AM. Most mornings though I also have to deal with a separate issue – a HARD ON!:wink:

    Today when I got up was no exception as I woke up with my right hand cupping my cock I turned back the sheets and got up. As I stood up I could look right into my mirror on my closet and stood there and started playing around. At first just pulling on it and rubbing its swollen head before getting fully aroused and then involved in my solo performance. Standing bumping and grinding my hips as I slowly thrust my shaft in and out of my hand. Soon the first droplets of my sticky pre-cum began to slip from the head of my cock, glistening in the dimly lit room and making my cock that much more sensitive. Before I knew it I was getting into to playing with myself obvious to anything else and fantasizing about making love as the pre-cum now dripped and ran to the floor (good thing I have wooden floors) it looked sort of like see-thru mozzarella cheese stretching and sticking to my cock and the floor.

    Then as I was really starting to go for it I looked to my right only to see that I hadn’t close my blinds last night. There she was, my neighbor standing there watching me perform (and get off) as she stood there playing with her breast through her nightgown. How long she was there I don’t know but long enough that she was getting off watching.

    This only made my self act that much more exciting this morning as I really started to play and I turned now facing her to watch her and give her a better shot.

    I guess the only good thing about Southern CA housing having little or no yard in between the houses is neighbors and mornings like this.

    Anyway as I really started to go for it she just stood there and was obviously playing with herself as well although under her night gown. Feeling my hot cum building to full eruption I stood closer to the window and then let it shoot all over as she stood there staring and looking at my cock explode. Fuck this was nasty and I cum buckets it seemed like and she just stood there until I started to clean it up never once really looking at me just my hard cock.

    Now I need to explain that this has never happen before as her and her family moved in shortly before school started in the fall this year and she was a pleasantly plump married woman with three kids. I haven’t even spoke to her or her family other than to wave with some sort of greetings. I mean I know she has BIG tits and ass but she really never caught my attention before.

    As I got dressed and went to the gym I couldn’t help thinking about what just happen and would it happen again. Coming back from the gym I could help but get off again in the shower and then I jotted all this down.

    Anyway I guess playing with myself has now taken on a NEW meaning & excitement. I just need to figure out if this is her bedroom window and if so where was her husband maybe he was already on his way to work? Anyway I wonder if I see her if she will acknowledge this incident?

    Just wanted to share (in more ways than one – huh).

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