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‘solosexuality’ And ‘virtual Bate’ Support Groups In The Age Of Covid-19

Discussion in 'The Healthy Penis' started by McGregor, Apr 16, 2020.

  1. McGregor

    McGregor Well-Known Member

    Aug 8, 2012
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    Stroudsburg (PA, US)
    ‘Solosexuality’ and ‘Virtual Bate’ Support Groups in the age of COVID-19

    by Michael Adam Reale

    Solosexuality is a relatively new word to our vocabulary. Millennials are redefining our society in every way including the arena of human sexuality. Solosex is gaining popularity during COVID-19 because of the quarantine rules in place. The human species has always been creative and sex is one of the main drives of all species. Websites and video conference apps have sprung up devoted to connecting solosexuals, LGBTQI and heterosexuals worldwide. Sites like Bateworld.com; BuddyBate.com, Onania.org/asm even offer support groups and helpful tips, podcasts, bate-fuel and more. Apps such as Skype, Zoom among others are brining masturbators together so that they need not feel so isolated.

    The English language has always found ways to shorten words, for example the expletive for intercourse comes from the word fecundity or fecundate (meaning to make fertile). So, we ought not to be surprised by the rise of terms such as bate (v. to masturbate) or bator (alternately spelled bater) (n. a masturbator), bate-mates (n. individuals who masturbate together or virtually), solosex (n. sex with oneself) and goon/gooner/gooning (v. which is the trance-like state which one can achieve while masturbating).

    These sites are helpful in that individuals share techniques, bonding and share experiences. Self-pleasuring can definitely be an art form. Techniques as edging where individuals are able to prolong or delay orgasming with a view of increasing pleasure. There are different ways of stroking, comparing types of lubricants, and other useful tips are shared and virtually explored through what has been called bate-coaches. There is an almost hypnotic trance that can be achieved from the rhythmic stroking, either alone or with virtual bate-mates as one reaches the heights of orgasm. Delaying orgasms can create an explosive act of self-expression. Website such as WarpMyMind.com have downloadable files, some of which include developing techniques. There are an impressive source of information on the Internet. For bate fuel there are sexual social media sites such as LPSG.com (Large Penis Support Group)

    One can use music to help to heighten the masturbation experience. SoundCloud, an app, has a host of artists whose music can help to heighten the experience. Artist on Soundcloud such as: Kickinit62; SSkin88TS; Sanderson Gooner; Joey Diesel; Seymours Unique. Individuals on these sites are more than helpful, supportive and friendly.

    This concept seems to be catching on with all of the social distancing and isolation that people are feeling. There have been recent reports in print and television about this growing trend. Gentlemen's Quarterly (GQ) [Why Straight Men Are Joining Masturbation Clubs] did a piece about heterosexual men forming bate groups and bonding.

    An article also appeared in Connections by LaTrobe University entitled:One line sex parties and virtual reality porn: can sex in isolation be as fulfilling as real life?

    Cenk Uygur from TYT recently made a podcast. His discussion was about Zoom being used by men who bate together. "Stop hating and start bating" (Trevor Noah with Comedy Central discussed the alt-right's bate-shaming. The bating community countered that with bate proudly!) Comedy is a great tool for educating.

    We ought not feel ashamed of our bodies, and we also ought not feel ashamed about discussing masturbation. It is perfectly natural. It is something that all species do. If one just changes one’s paradigm from one of shame to one of self-love then it can be truly awakening experience. It is truly about loving oneself and expressing that love of oneself to oneself. An excellent book to help one make that transition is entitled: Sex and spirit: Exploring Gay Men's Spirituality edited by Robert Barzon. There are tantric sites and groups on Yahoo that discuss tantric self-pleasuring. Masturbation can be a very healing experience. It is also a well-known stress reducer/reliever.

    Site members also help others with similar interests to bond together and create one’s own sense of community.

    One can find communities within communities. Human interaction is important as we are a social species. These groups have become more important to those who are single or in situations of isolation. While these may not formally be considered support groups they do function as such.
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  2. Acratopotes

    Acratopotes Well-Known Member

    May 23, 2017
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    London (GB)
    I am not sure what is new there or to what extent COVID-19 changes it. I am absolutely sure that most men and many women too enjoy masturbation both from before they started to have sex as well as along side it. There has probably also always been a proportion who have eschewed sex and only masturbated. What is probably different is that people can more open about it. I was at my father in law's house on one occasion and one of their friends was there and was asked if was seeing anyone. He replied that no, he was happy wanking. That's a level on honest that I don't think would have happened 20 years ago.

    On the other hand I am not sure I would call using conferencing technology or specialist websites to masturbate while watching/chatting is really being solosexual any more than having phone sex with a g/f ever was.
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