150 Dems to Pelosi: No Tax on Health Insurance!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Trinity, Oct 9, 2009.

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    It appears merging bills won't be easy going. Pelosi and the Democrats don't really have a way to pay for their AGENDA that doesn't tax Americans beyond what we can afford and that won't hurt the economy, but they persist with the madness.

    Now, 150 Demcrats have written a letter to Nancy Pelosi that proposed fees should NOT be included in the final bill.

    The Hill.com

    What if there is a history of heart disease in your family and practically everybody older than you has had heart surgery or a heart attack. You take good care of yourself but you know it is wise to get a great health insurance plan just in case. You don't make a ton of money...you aren't rich but you know you might need all that cadillac plan has to offer...do you really want to pay a 40% fee above the high price it currently is?

    That's how Pelosi wants to have non-universal coverage government run health care....oh and she wants to add on a VAT Tax on top of State Taxes too. :rolleyes:

    The Dollar is under attack and there is talk of inflation. The FDIC is broke. Medicare and Social Security are insolvent. We are on the hook $200 Billion for TARP. They are talking about a second Stimulus because the first $787 has yet to stimulate jobs.

    We cannot afford the Democratic Agenda. We simply need real healthcare reform that won't break Americans or the U.S. economy.
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