1944 Conviction of Black G.I.’s Is Ruled Flawed

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    Yes, I'm stirring the pot; and I don't normally do that intentionally.

    Nobody tells the Jews to get over the Holocaust.

    I just feel I need to emphasize the fact that although slavery was abolished over 130 years ago black Americans still suffer the consequences today. It's not because we want to be martyrs. Contrary to what many believe we are not looking for a handout.

    Personally, I don't believe in reparations for slavery; but thats the topic of another thread. Given my lineage I'm more likely to be eligible for some of the Native American casino money than reparations. :rolleyes::redface:

    The reason I and many other black Americans can't forget.
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    I think you should always remember where you came from and AMericans need to remember the harm it has done to the Black man. A lot of what goes on today is the years of blacks being second class citizens. It is a unique circumstance, blacks have been oppresed for so long that a lot of sub-cultures where formed. Its hard for those cultures to now just assinmulate in to main stream society, thats why blacks shit on other blacks who become CEO's or what ever. Thats becoming whiter to some of these sub-cultures.

    Nowadys blacks are going to experiance racism because white society has prejudice views of blacks that came from the old slave days. Black men are aggresive and cannot not control their emotions or sexual drives. Just look at our porn and movies, to see these old stero-types still going storng today.

    Also I think whites are frustrated about hearing about the plight of the black man. They have the view of stop crying and get over it, you have the oppertuintys now, so do it. THis is a coommon message. Also some whites feel that they are shit due to special organizations that they feel discriminate agianst them. Such as granting blacks more points to a black student to enter college than they would give a student who scored a 1400 on their SAT's. Just an example I know Bush got rid of that.

    Here is a link from a movie.
    A lot of white families have had this disscusion at their dinner tables.

    YouTube - Scene from American History X

    Not saying I agree with any of this, just staeting things I have seen and heard in my life.
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    Ok, I read most of the blog NG, but alas my young attention span wandered off, care to explain the rest of the article to me?
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