1st time, Gay Anal, a survey of sorts

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    My 1st time was the summer after 7th grade at 13yrs old. I had known Gordon since 1st grade and we were casual friends, when we started Jr. High in 7th grade I didn't see much of him, we fell into different crowds, but I ran into him that summer and he invited me to sleepover and I agreed. Well to get to the point, his parents were away and it quickly evolved into a classic seduction scene, a few beers were drunk, some porno mags (straight) came out, and in no time he wanted to show me that "HE" was bigger than this guy in one of the mags, I had seen him naked in 6th grade at a water park changing room and was shocked to see he had a little pubic patch started, on this night I was still completely pubeless and a bit embarrassed about it, but he insisted on showing me, well I wasn't quite prepared for what I saw, he was wearing sweats and I could see a massive protusion but I thought it was just a fold in the pants or something I mean, it couldn't be that big? well the sweats came down and so did my jaw, I was staring at about 8" of fearsome rock hard cock... thick beyond what i thought possible sticking strait up and throbbing. I could barely believe it, now he wanted me to strip, embarrassed about my own size I really didn't want to, but he was very persuasive and I soon complied, I believe he gave a little snicker when my own cock came out. Things happened fast now, with a lot of persuasion, some intimidation, and just the fact I was a bit of a pussy I guess, he got me 1st to feel him up running my hand up his legs then he grabbed my wrist and put it right on his dick, 1st time feeling another boys cock especially one that size it felt so incredibly hot, I really didn't know if I was gay or straight at the time, any sex was exciting, my emotions were running wild... excitement? fear? embarrassment? Anyways he was leading the show and played me like a fiddle, he started fondling my body and with almost no warning started sucking me, at that point it was as if we had stepped over some "nastiness" threshold and it my mind was spinning, he sucked me for barely a minute then loudly announced that it was "MY TURN" even though i really didn't want to there was a strong sense that I needed to "obey" him and i reluctantly put my mouth on it, I had to stretch my mouth open to the maximum and he immediately began to aggressively face fuck me, the room was spinning and there was a powerful adolescent "boy-smell" coming from his pubes i started choking and gagging and the floor was spinning then he held my head and was probing my mouth with his cock that barely even fit in my mouth, I wrenched my head away with tears streaming down, he was annoyed "come on man, i sucked you, now you sucked me" and he a bit more gently this time attempted to put it in my mouth, it was really just too fat for a inexperienced boy to do much with and I fought him off again, he then told me that since he had sucked me and since I was refusing to suck him I HAD to let him buttfuck me, after all fair is fair. Oh stupid me, relieved of the oral assault I somehow agreed, he positioned me laying over the couch with my knees on the ground and then felt his cock probing at my butthole, I had some idea this may hurt some but by now I was in such a daze it hadn't completely sunk in, he kept poking at my ass, but it was just so fat and my pucker was slammed shut hard, he was swearing and trying from different angles but it just wasn't going, then he ordered me "DON'T MOVE" and ran out of the room, I was laying there wondering how things had gotten to this so fast... oh well, he I was... I'll never forget looking over my shoulder as he came back in with a jar of vaseline and his cock bouncing side to side and sticking straight up. It was all over now, he greased up his dick planted in on my butthole and popped my cherry, what proceeded was about like one of those wild-animal documentaries of the predator taking his prey, he thoroughly fucked me, painfully, there was a slow grinding pain from being opened up and then when he went deep there was a sharp stabbing pain and my mind was spinning with humiliation, I was thinking of boys at school joking about fags and buttboys "taking it up the ass" and here I was getting all of that... it didn't take long, several minutes, then some loud grunts and a serious of furious thrusts, I had received my 1st load of cum up my ass, something I didn't really understand just then. Afterwards he offered me some token apology and told me he just "went crazy cause my ass is so hot" Yah whatever. So? was he wrong to do that? You may assume that's how I would feel, well perhaps for a while, but I have grown to enjoy ruff sex and that experience is the most erotic in my memory, sex is complicated and there are no black and whites, I imagine many would feel the need to be somehow politically correct and define it as some sort of rape, your entitled to your opinion, but there is something insanely raw and intense when it goes down like that. Let me know your experiences and opinions, I'd especially like to hear from boys that were on the other side, how did you feel doing it, was it exciting knowing that your superior cock was making him suffer some? And please, just be honest, don't worry about offending anyone.
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