2 dirty fantasies of mine

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    lickitysplit: These are gay in nature

    Fantasy 1

    1. I am in a tight latex outfit with a special hole for my cock to stick out of. I walk into a dimly lit room and make my way into the middle of a circle of 10 guys. I am blindfolded, but then I am placed on my knees. I am instructed that cannot touch my dick under and circumstances. I take off my blindfold and realize I am in the middle of a circle of 10 guys, all black. I am white. At that moment, they all drop their shorts and are sporting 8" + hardons, all thick, all long. I am instructed that I must go before each one and start licking his balls. Then I will work my tongue up their shaft up until I reach their massive heads that are already leaking precum. I lick the precum up and let it run down my throat savoring the taste.

    Then I begin sucking the guy. I have never sucked a dick, so I don't even know if I am good, but the guy gives me a nod letting me know I am doing well. I do my best to fit as much of the black cock meat in my mouth. I do my best to make sure I have made the dick slick with my saliva. I start bobbing my head fast on his dick but trying to feel it pulsate in my mouth. I am instructed that noone will tell me when they are going to cum, but I must, under no circumstances, let a single drop fall to the floor. If I do, I will be forced to drink a full cup of fresh hot cum.

    I keep bobbing my head and I start to feel his head expand in my mouth as I run my tongue over his pee slit. Then I feel a hot gush of thick hot cum hit the back of my throat. I have never felt this and my first reaction is to back up a little but realize I can't let any cum out so I swallow what has filled my mouth already. It is hot, salty, but tastes good. I think it tastes good because I, myself, haven't gotten off, so I am completely focused. My own dick is dripping precum onto the floor and onto the latex of my suit.

    He keeps cumming as I swallow 4 more loads. I am instructed to keep my mouth on him until he starts to go soft. I give him one more suck to make sure I got it all. MMM, that was good, but I have 9 more to go.

    So the process starts all over again, except the next guy is 10 inches and very thick, so I can only get the head in my mouth. His load is even bigger. I swallow 6 times but I can feel my belly starting to fill up. I do this for the next 7 guys. I have created a puddle on the ground of my own precum and have come close to ejaculating multiple times. By the last guy, I am almost deep throating him and when it comes time for him to cum, I just allow him to shoot it straight down my throat into my stomach. I am feeling bloated, but every single black guys cum was hot, thick, creamy, and salty, and I loved every drop.

    I feel good and every black guy is limp from the good blowjobs I gave them.

    But I am instructed that I am not done. Because I had precum puddle on the floor, I failed the job and I shall be forced to drink a cup of hot fresh cum.

    Behind some curtains, 10 more guys were busy filling up a cup with their hot cum. They bring it out on a plate and hand it to me. I tip my head back as I bring the cup to my lips. I start letting the cum fall onto my tongue and start swallowing immediately. It takes me a few minutes, but I end up licking the rim of the cup for any excess cum. I am spent and I am told I can now cum myself.

    I reach down and simply touch my cock as it explodes a long jet of hot white boy cum onto the ground.

    Fantasy 2

    I have another fantasy where I go out to Vegas and I had just won the lottery, so I had alot of money to spend. I get a top notch room and end up calling an escort service. Except, I call a She-male escort service. I order 6 of their biggest dicked shemales and biggest tits to come to my room.

    Within an hour, they are there. They are all wearing short latex skirts and tight tops showing off their tits. I am ordered on my knees as 1 of the shemales walks up, lifts her skirt and shoves her dick in my face telling me to stick it in my mouth. I comply. Its about 7 inches, but I do my best to fit it in my mouth. The rest of the shemales start undressing sporting their 8 inch dicks. I tell them I have never had a dick in my ass. They tell me they don't care and they are going to fill me up real good.

    One of them gets down on their knees and starts licking my asshole and running their fingers all along my ass. She inserts one as I suck the first shemale. She tenses up and starts to come in my mouth, but holds the back of my head so I am forced to swallow her cum. Before I know it, I have 1 other shemale back at my face, I am holding the dicks of 2 other shemales, and I have 1 near my ass lubing of her cock. I feel her push the head up against my asshole and start to push in. SHit its tight!

    She gets 4 inches in while I am stuff with dick in my face and my hands. They have their way with me all switching spots. The one in my mouth tells me she is going to cum as well as the one in my ass says the same thing. They start pumping harder. One of the shemales is sucking my dick. Soon, I feel both of their dicks expand and their heads flare. They both start coming at the same time filling my mouth and ass up. At the same time, my dick starts shooting cum down the shemales throat.

    My ass is filled, my mouth is filled, but I have to swallow to keep from choking. Both withdraw as I feel the cum running out of my ass. I have never been so used in my life. I am a cum whore. I pay them enough to stay the night.

    We end up repeating this fantasy for a 2nd time.
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