26m for jelqing cam partner

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    Mar 30, 2009
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    hey dudes,
    check profile for more info, but basically im a young guy here 26, pretty large already about 8.5x6.5, but really gettin into penis enlargement exercises, and want more girth

    lookin for someone similar whose into doing p.e. with me on cam, jo afterwards is always an option :)

    also into cock rings, bound balls, and ball stretching... always horny but lookin for a dude who would be serious about some p.e. and then get off w/me after all that work :)

    on often, today after about 4pm
    add me:
    italianluva22 (yahoo)
    italianluva25 (skype)
    italianluva25 (msn)
    phoenick25 (aim)
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