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29 6' 200 White Masc Dl In Nj...anyone Else In Nj For Camming & Maybe Meeting To Compare/bate?

Discussion in 'Webcams / Cyber Connections' started by IamHUNG89, May 15, 2019.

  1. IamHUNG89

    IamHUNG89 Expert Member

    Mar 26, 2012
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    Clark (NJ, US)
    As the title says...

    29 y/o good looking white guy here from NJ. North/central Jersey area. Im straight, but curious and have a gf, so this has to be very discreet. Im you're typical dude--masculine, love sports, pussy, going out, making $, etc. Im also pretty damn hung too. Im only looking to do with masculine, chill guys close to my age. Not into feminine-type guys. Would also be hot to share pics of our girls/fucking.

    If you'd like to cam (and especially if you're in my area of NJ), hit me up:

    Skype: robc313
    Snap: RobInNJ89
    Kik: RobInJersey89

    ***I prefer Skype***

    ***I'm precumming on boxer briefs in car pic& soft to semi-ish in the vid***

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