36M Looking for a big one !! sex maybe more??

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    Hi I know this will sound weird to most. But i want to meet a guy with a huge cock for sex and maybe alot more. relocate live in etc. I am good looking and have a hidden very femme side that includes a huge tit fetish. I will take everything in consideration from descreet meets to relocating and becomeing a CD with huge tits. I know what I am looking for will not be easy but I have to try I think about it all the time. So get back to me and we can see where it goes. Men cwoman and couples please feel free to apply I am by no means gay. I just like big cock and huge tits.

    PS I have a great ass big bubble and totally off of a girl you will nopt believe it.

    Pictures are of what I would like to strive to become.

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