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    So, the season finale came. ;~; I'm sad cuz my Isabelle "died". ;~; Questions, though.

    Do you think she'll be back? When she first grew, she tried killing herself repeatedly. Do you honestly think what the Marked did to her will keep her dead? Granted, they did that 8 days later thing... maybe it's just taking more time. :X

    Did you notice they never SHOWED Jordan Collier go to Sean to get his Mark removed? They didn't even hint at it. Do you think he really went? He had the names for 7 other Marks... you'd think something would come of that, even though the tragedy was a high priority. In his speech scene, they showed a mark on his neck twice (not blatantly). The Marked are supposed to have the mark behind the ear... maybe there was a move to make it less suspicious by putting it in plain view?

    Do you think they'll make us await an ENTIRE extra year (again) between this season and the next? That really angered me, having to wait so long for the new season. :X

    What powers do you think we'll see?

    What do you think the government will do to Seattle/Promise City?
    Yes, I'm a nerd. No, I haven't missed an episode.
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