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5 Tops The Beach (homoerotic story)


Cherished Member
Mar 11, 2022
Beirut, Beyrouth,Lebanon
Kevin, Richard, Jeffrey, Steven and Kyle hit the beach one hot summer evening.

Kevin had just broke up with his girlfriend after he saw her fucking his neighbor on the balcony early morning. Richard was sleeping over Kevin's place, which prevented him from demolishing the balcony over his neighbor's penis, as he claimed. Jeffrey was the one who got the idea of going to the beach to calm the rage of Kevin. Steven is their best friend too, who happens to be Kevin's girlfriend fucker's brother. Kyle is the lifeguard who befriended them after they saved him from drowning a few months ago.

Kyle welcomed his 4 friends as they arrived at the beach where he works. Actually he took the day off just to be with his friends, even though he was a little concerned about the boobs of a beautiful swimmer coming outside of her bikini from time to time, which made him go towards her and suggest to help her boobs with a needle he had in his lifeguard room. She agreed of course, and why wouldn't she?

Kyle has a long thick penis, which clearly was starting to have a hardon from the moment he approached the boobs lady. He looks like Sean Xavier (1st picture below). His muscles, lips and penis would make anyone pretend to be drowning just to be held between his strong arms, get rescue breaths from his lips mouth to mouth, and feel his meaty well hung bulge under his underwear. Actually when saved by his 4 friends, Steven was the first one to feel his strong hard muscles that made him cry for anyone to help him carry his body out of the whirlpool, Kevin was the second one to be impressed by his muscles but that made the rescue attempt even harder, Richard then reached for the last muscle one would think of touching in such situation, Kyle's penis, so he started stroking his bulge as a technique to speed the blood flow in his veins, and lucky Jeffrey was the one to provide the rescue breaths to him, mouth to mouth of course. They were all straight heterosexual friends though.

Instead of sewing the bikini's top, Kyle started fucking what barely the bikini's bottom hid on the lady's groin, whilst his friends was having a much more exciting funny time in the warm sea, swimming against the soft waves, or fighting each other under the water. After cumming in between her boobs, she didn't want to stop worshipping his cock, but he begged her to stop until she made him cum a second time on her boobs again.

After the boobs lady freed him, Kyle joined his 4 handsome friends in the sea, catching up with the fun they were having, laughing, teasing, horsing around and playing as much as they could.

They left the sun drowning in the far ocean, and they came back to the beach.

Steven threw his tall sexy back on the sand, started playing with his nipples sometimes, stretching his arms and legs other times, then frotting his thighs, rubbing his bald head and pressing his nipples again, a technique he learned from an old gay friend to calm his nerves down. His smile, blue eyes, ripped muscles and bald head make him look like John Sins indeed (2nd picture below).

Then Kevin asked Kyle to give him the shower keys because he didn't want to go back to swim anymore. He was just dumped today and he wanted to keep on grieving actually. So he went all alone to take a shower in Kyle's lifeguard room.

Richard sat down near Jeffrey who laid-back on a beach chair, and started massaging his shoulders, then his back, his thighs, his feet, his arms, his ass cheeks too and his neck. Jeffrey was having an amazing greeting with moans and relaxation under his buddy's hands. Everyone loves Jeffrey actually, he is cute, handsome, fit, smiley, a good caring fella. To describe him well, he almost looks like Brandon Cody (3rd picture below) but without the cheeks dimples.

Richard is the dynamo of the group, the party maker, the funniest one, the most positive amongst his friends. He is very sexy too, handsome, charming and seductive. He just looks like the one and only Colby Keller (4th picture below). He's very passionate and bromantic in his friendships, likes to hug and kiss and compliment his friend, sleep over his place as much as he allows him, listen to him, share with him, play with him, and make him feel good in any ways possible. He's obsessed with playing with his friend's fingers, crossing them with his, and even more obsessed with getting intimate hugs on the chests and in between the arms of his friends.

Richard felt that their friend Kevin took so long in the shower, so he and Kyle went fast to check on him. Little they knew, Kevin was grieving in the best way, using the most joyful tool God gifted the male body with. As they reached the room, they heard Kevin moaning and spreading explosively his cumshot like a fountain or a volcano all over the floor. So they went back quietly to the beach, hoping that their recently dumped and cheated on friend Kevin would be able to have a second try to enjoy the cum out of his penis again, so happily and intense at the same time, like Cody Cummings used to do, who looks a little bit too like Kevin (5th picture below).

The earlier cum of Kyle and the late cum of Kevin actually got mixed up on the floor of the lifeguard room. Kyle went back to collect some of the mixture and put it in a jar as a crazy wild souvenir. Richard fell asleep in Jeffery's chair on the beach, after getting a massage from Jeffery's hands. And then Steven asked everyone to lay down on their backs to teach them the relief techniques he had learned from an old gay friend.