99 power qui gong (iron crotch)

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    I've come across this a couple times and thought I'd bring it up to see if anyone else has seen anything on it.

    Iron Crotch | 99 Martial Arts Center

    -I saw it in a video about esoteric martial arts practices
    -I read about it (its just mentioned no detail) in either magus of Java or nei quan (same author)
    -read about it again in a pile of ebooks on weird martial practices done by the shaolin

    from what I understand the style uses weights suspended on the well irrigated but not hard penis and a rocking tension with breathing and what I can assume is PC exertion. It looks like some of the methods I've seen here. From what I've read it is not designed to make your dick bigger but it is designed to make your errections stronger and your dick gets bigger as a side effect (in the magis of java he talks about a shaolin guy who had been doing it for years and had the biggest dick he'd ever seen). Hish ranking students have pulled trucks and shit with their junk, call me old fashioned but I'm just looking to fill out my jeans and fuck like a mechanical bull (is it too much to ask for really)

    Theres an instructional video, its like $200 and I'm broke
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