A belated bloated hellow!!!

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    Hi All,

    Well I’ve over indulged myself on this (and a couple other) sites for the last three days or so (I must be a little O.C.D.). I think I’ve learned a lot, but you can never really tell what is truth; it is too subjective. What I do know is that I’m a natural 7.5 X 6 (at the root at least :) . It is a fairly decent size which I and all my partners have been really satisfied with and continue to be so. I know for a fact that smaller women IN GENERAL do have smaller vaginas, it is only logical that a girl 5’1” is going to be smaller than a girl 5’9”. Just like Shaquille O’Neal and his ilk are not very likely sporting 76’ers (pun intended).

    Now a girl 5’1” may take 9”, 10”, 20”, 100”, but it would definitely hurt her and hurt implies actual physical damage. Physical damage can translate to the transmission of disease especially on bareback excursions. And I think that the fascination with size with many men, small and large, is the idea of being able to physically hurt women during sex. They are misogynists at heart, look out ladies.

    I came here in part to find women who are sexual and interested in my size. Yeah, yeah size doesn’t matter but being stretched and having a man fully inserted works for most women who truthfully say size matters. Of what matters women have to me admitted size represents about 33% . If you completely fail the “size” criterion you’ve just failed out with a 66% on the test.

    So for the range of sized men who read this forum, especially the small sized guys, find women, usually shorter ones, that will be filled by you, they exist. Have fun building up to talking dirty to them and tell them you are 5.1” and ask them if it’s a problem. If it is, ask them if they have a girlfriend they could recommend you too!?!

    I would have just left this site without a backwards glance but I felt all this was necessary to be said so that I could say the following. This is an evil site and yes evil does exist. The reason it is evil is that indulging an oversized fantasy is great, but there are guys here who need to be warned that they are loosing touch with reality. Like anorexic women and runway models who can’t see they are looking like concentration camp victims there are PE practitioners who need to be told to stop and yet I see some members actually encourage the continued deformation/damaging practice. Invariably they are men telling these guys, who seem to be interested in women, you look great keep it up when most women would just as soon vomit on it.

    This site may have ulterior motives guys. They may be sponsored by PE vendors. If you are rationally aware of what you are doing and satisfied okay, but otherwise consider psychiatric help. PE can probably be fun enough left at a form of stimulation when you have time to waste and not really concerned about gaining more than a 1/4”.

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    Peace Spike and welcome. :biggrin1:
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    Better late—and bloated—than never, Spiker. Someday I will have to do an introductory post. I blew it off.:biggrin1:
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