A Big Beautiful Dick (gay story)

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    I came out while I was in college. I had sex with a man for the first time during my sophomore year. I had a rather closeted gay life in college. I didn't really hang out with the gay crowds. I dated men and

    I had sex with men, but I kept kind of low about it. When college was over, I went on to grad school. I maintained contact with my friends from college, but going to grad school in a small college town was like completely going back in the closet again. I didn't know how to tell anyone about myself. And I didn't know what to do to find guys. So, without intending it, I became celibate.

    I took three jobs while I was in grad school. I was a t.a. and I had a job in the library. It was in the library where I met Jean-Michel. He took to me very quickly. It was clearly obvious to me that Jean-Michel was gay and had a crush on me. However, I found him entirely unattractive. We became friends, though. It is through Jean-Michel that I got my third job at the local town library. And while you would think that a college library would be the place to find sex on campus, it was the local library where my sex life blossomed in that small town.

    Jean-Michel got me on the same shifts that he worked. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from one until closing. During those hours, we were the only people running the library. And every night at closing, Jean-Michel would make his moves on me. And everynight at closing, I would push him away. That is, until a few months of no sex went by. By November, me and Jean-Michel were fucking each other in supply closets until our balls were blue. I can remember the first time seeing his reaction when instead of saying no, I asked him if he swallowed. Which he did.

    The sex was good. It was very good, as a matter of fact. But it just wasn't satisfying. I wasn't attracted to him. But we were good friends. We were spending so much time together, we had developed a regular routine.

    There was a group of several men in our everyday life whom we would see come into the library on a regular basis and whom we would drool over and fawn over whenever they came either of our way. In particular, there was Nicholas.

    Nicholas was an undergrad student. He was on the hockey team. We were both in love with him. Big, beautiful blond haired boy. Rugged, muscular. Pretty. Very sweet. So sweet, we sometimes figured that he had to be gay. But he was all so all-American. Like apple pie. As straight as straight could be. Masculine. Very masculine. And most important of all, he had the biggest dick. He couldn't hide it no matter what he tried.

    As much as we both ever fantasized about Nicholas, we always knew that he was nowhere near reality for us. So I continued to fuck Jean-Michel and dream on.

    And then one day, a stacking job came up in the town library. Jean-Michel and I laughed over the thought of persuading Nicholas to take the job. As if we could seduce him on one of those nights alone, after-hours. Boldly, I asked Nicholas if he wanted the job. Almost without hesitation, and even with his typical blushing face, he said yes.

    Of course I fantasized. Jean-Michel did, too. Although, I think he was a little jealous over the idea of sharing the other library with Nicholas. Jean-Michel started taunting me about the boy whenever we

    argued. "Why don't you go to your Nicholas for a blow job?" Frankly, I didn't care if Jean-Michel ever touched my dick again. But of course, he did.

    This went on into the next semester. Still the only man I was having sex with was Jean-Michel. I had almost given up on the idea of ever having sex with another man again. But something happened.

    There as a certain book in the library about homosexaulity. The kind of book that exists in every responsible library. For students of psychology or confused teen-agers. Over the course of several weeks, I kept finding the book hidden behind a chair in the back of the library. I would always assume that some young boy was trying to discover himself and would take the same book every time he was in the library and hide it when he was done. Except that one day, after I had already reshelfed the book during the day, I noticed it again behind the same chair after the library was closed. Could it be?

    I decided I would find out. For some time, the head librarian had wanted me to restack an entire section of the library. Something that would take a couple of hours and could only be done after hours. Tonight I decided would be the night. So I told Jean-Michel I would see him later and I asked Nicholas to stay later, if he could. Nobody was suspicious at all.

    There I was. Alone with Nicholas. I felt so scared and so stupid. What should I do? Confront him about the book? I just didn't know how to do that. So we started restacking the shelves. Over an hour went by. We grew sweatty. We talked. We sat down to rest for a bit. We got up to start restacking again. Finally, I said to myself that if I didn't do something soon, I would never do anything at all. So I did the first thing that came to mind. I touched his arm as he got up to restack the books.

    Nicholas turned to me as if I were trying to get his attention. Like I had something else to say to him. But I said nothing. I just kept holding his arm. We were silent looking into each others eyes. Was I

    being a fool? And then I pulled him lightly towards me. I was sitting in a chair and he was standing. When I pulled him, he leaned toward me. Down toward me. And then I realized he intended to kiss me. I was almost too shocked to open my mouth. He had to lick past my lips to get his tongue in me.

    He leaned down on his knees, his hands holding the arms of the chair I was sitting in. My hand was still holding his arm. And we kept kissing. Suddenly, I realized that both of us were moaning.

    I moved my hands down towards his pants. All I had my mind on at that moment was Nicholas' large dick. He pulled his head away from me and looked down as I unbuckled his pants, madly groping for his dick. I remember the warmth coming from his crotch as I unleashed his monstrous cock. My lips almost instinctively opened as I watched his cock pulsate forward. I looked in Nicholas' eyes as I started leaning forward, climbing out of the chair to get down on my knees in front of this adonis.

    Before I could pull my eyes away from him, he earnestly warned me, almost pleaded with me, "This is my first time." I didn't know what to say. I was far to horny at that moment to tell him I would stop if he wanted me to. I simply turned toward his gigantic cock and opened my mouth wide. Very wide. So wide, I could hear my ears crack.

    Nicholas was on his knees and so was I. Bent over to worship his beautiful cock. I slid it far down my throat. It had been sometime since I gagged on a cock. It felt real good. Nicholas moaned louder and louder "Oh, God." I pushed him upwards to his feet, so I could slide his pants down. He slid off his shoes and kicked off his pants as I slid my mouth down and over his wet shaft and over his balls. Almost hairless down there. My tongue slid down between his legs to devour the very stank of him. I slid it into his ass. He pulled his shirt over his head.

    As I slid my tongue into him, I unbuckled my own pants and pulled out my dick. From the sounds above, I could hear Nicholas grow excited over the sight of my hard dick emerging from my pants. He leaned over, holding onto the chair as I had his ass clean.

    "Please don't fuck me," he begged.

    I asked him what he ever stuck into his ass. "My fingers," he responded. But the more I ate, the more he confessed. Shampoo bottles, deodorant bottles, cucumbers, carrots, a cane. "And now you want the real thing?"

    "No, please," he begged.

    He was stroking himself while I ate his ass. But I could feel him struggling with his orgasm. He was about to cum. I told him not to cum until after I came up his ass. I told him not to touch his dick. He obeyed.

    "Please fuck me," he pleaded.

    So I stood up over him. I slid my pants and shirt off. The two of us completely naked in the middle of the library. I remember him looking up over his shoulder at me as I held my cock to his tight, clean hole. I rubbed it up and down his cracked. He moaned, begging me to fuck him.

    One finger up his hole. Two fingers.

    "Is it in?" he asked.

    "You'll know when it's in."

    He screamed. "STOP." He begged for me to stopped. But he didn't resist.

    I slid hard into him. He could barely hold onto the chair hard enough. He was being very loud. Almost hysterical.

    I reached over and started stroking his dick.

    "Oh, my God" he screamed. "I'm going to cum."

    And suddenly, I could feel his asshole grip down on my cock as his juice spewed out over my fist. Still I kept thrusting. And as his moans just began to subside, my grew louder as I exploded inside of him.

    The two of us collapsed on the library floor, his cum all over my fist and the chair, my cum leaking out of his ass. We just lay there, holding each other. We feel asleep for a bit. Thank god no one decided to come back to the library that night.

    This was not the last time I had sex with Nicholas, but it certainly was the best. And it was the last time that I got some from for working late in the library.

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    ahh, romance and hormones.
    thanks for sharing it.
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