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    Hey all, back again with more questions haha. Thanks for the help last time, all better now.

    I was wondering if PE works the same way all those extender devices claim to, by tearing the cells slowly at a microscopic level and then the cells divide and heal which results in growth (something like that lol)

    Also wondering what kind of effects PE has on natural growth? I've read your penis grows until you're about 21. Now I'm just 18 and I probably have less then a cm left to grow into (or none at all) but, I'd still like to educate myself.

    On to more personal questions, I'm 6.5 x 5 (I know:frown1:) what could I realistically expect from dedicated PE? I also have a slight curve up like most people that I would like to straighten out, will PE help straighten me out? My ideal size would be a straight 8 x 6. Thanks in advance for any help!
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    I don't think a lot of those representations depict accurately how PE works. A more realistic scenario is that the tunica, fascia, and ligaments stretch and this allows for the spongy tissues (corpora) to expand further.

    As long as you don't hurt yourself or overdo it you should be fine. You may actually see faster growth than men who have already finished their growth.

    Gains are dependent on your tenacity, motivation, and genetics. Some men see great gains in a month, while others take 6-12 months to see the same level of gains.

    Most penises have a slight upwards curve but there are straightening exercises that you can do to mold your penis to the shape you want it.
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