A First Sweet Cheat Continues

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    “A good-little-girl that swallows?” I puzzled. I can’t get our last meet up out of my head. For someone that proclaimed innocence and respectability, Cara was a study in contrasts. I concluded that all humans have sexual desires and needs, including the so called pious.

    Wondering why I didn’t see her for at the start of the new week, I had forgotten that she was off to Florida to vacation with her family. She still lived at home with her parents, and they had splurged on the trip probably knowing that it wouldn’t be long before she would be out and want to vacation on her own. In all reality, I was in fact getting more work done without her to distract me.

    When Cara finally got back after a couple weeks, she was more stunning than ever. My jaw almost hit my desk when I first saw her that morning. Days in the sun had given her skin a healthy copper burnish, added to her already flawless complexion. To emphasize it she proudly wore a white collared shirt that she tied up at the waist, exposing a bit of her flat tanned belly and shapely midriff. (Good thing that the boss was on vacation this week !) The skirt was black leather and nicely short, attracting the eye down her long brown legs to some strappy high heeled sandals. As I took in the sight of this Goddess, I could feel myself swallow and suddenly I was thirsty. I think it may have been due to all the effort I was putting into my X-ray vision trying to find her tan lines. Guys in the office were making comments under their breath about this temptation returned.

    My invitation to lunch was put off ‘until she caught up’ which meant … the end of the week. We went through her photos from her vacation, and I got the full narration about places, and activities, and family and new acquaintances she had made. Fortunately there were a couple of shots of her sunbathing, but the camera just couldn’t do her justice in her string bikini.

    “Who took those shots for you?” I asked. “Your Mom or sibling?”

    “No, I saw this cute guy walking down the beach and used the Photo Op as a way to meet him. Look, here, I took a shot of him too,” she said.

    The guy was movie star handsome, with a chiseled build, and his tiny Speedo appeared to be really packed based on the bulge I noticed. Either she had got him sprung or he was HUNG.

    “I think he was gay though,” she speculated. “Despite my efforts he wanted to hurry off to watch the guys volleyball game going on further down the beach, and he didn’t come back like he promised.”

    “His loss!” I said. “Besides, what would ‘Boyfriend’ have said if he found out?”

    “He would have been plenty peeved, but how would he find out? And hey, like you got a lot of room to talk! Let’s change the subject,” she said feigning a hurt look.

    Her voice went low again, usually a good sign in our previous conversations. “I have a confession to make.” She whispered as her tanned face reddened a little. “Thinking about the last time we were together was fodder for my finger many times over the last few weeks. Remembering me getting you off that once has gotten me off like 8 times since!”

    I licked my lips remembering that delectable blow job. And licked them again at the image of her, masturbating.

    “I’m not sure of how I am going to set it up, but I want us to fuck, and soon.” Her face took on a more seductive demeanor as she half closed her eyes and moved closer to me across the table. “That big dick of yours is something I must experience inside of me, and I can’t stop myself from wanting it. Believe me I have tried - to my boyfriend’s delight! Unfortunately, he just doesn’t have the goods to satisfy my curiosity.”

    “Who am I to argue with such a persuasive and beautiful woman?” I replied with a caveat, “But you better hurry up, because next week is my last week before I head back to school.”

    Between my softball game today, her family event tomorrow, and her boyfriend over the weekend it meant that it would have to be next week.

    Every day of that week, I longed to hear of my instructions. How was I finally going to have this radiant beauty? On my last day of work, she took me to lunch and whispered directions on how we were to slip away from work un-noticed. Smiling at her across the lunch table, I savored the juxtaposition facing me. She looked pure and radiant in a snug buttoned blouse and an uncharacteristic long skirt. Our rendezvous would be far from pure.

    My heart pounded and I couldn't get much work done that afternoon as my thoughts ran wild wondering what she had in mind when she told me to meet her one floor upstairs.
    It hadn't occurred to me that the floor was empty; this new office building we were in was finished, but un-rented on the entire next floor.

    She left promptly at the end of the day, and I walked around to say my goodbyes. Once I got upstairs, she pulled me by the hand into the Ladies bathroom.

    “Hey, there’s no lock on the door! I exclaimed.

    “The building is almost empty, there are no tenants on this floor, and besides, it will add to the sense of forbidden excitement” she said. Wanting each other as much as we did, things got hot and heavy very fast.

    Standing as we embraced with a growing lust, we kissed and explored every zone of each other’s body. I unbuttoned her blouse and to my delight found her bra-less, exposing her perfectly shaped, firm breasts and pink nipples. I kissed my way down her face and neck to those sweet targets. Licking and teasing her tits, I found my way slowly to each nipple with my tongue, as she responded with a relaxing sigh. Continuing, I gently used my teeth and sucking in rhythm to erect little cylinders at the summit of each breast.

    As I pushed my hand down the soft skin of her taut stomach, I could feel the heat radiating off of her mound. Walking my fingers across her navel and over to her shapely hip, I slowly fitted one finger after the other under the belt of her dress and waist band of her panty. The silky curly hair of her Venus Mons was damp from perspiration, making me wonder how much wetter she would be further down. I unbuttoned her skirt to allow my hand to advance down her furry trail until my finger discovered a very hot, very wet pussy. As I kissed her mouth in a deep hold, I began to explore her labias and rub her clitoris with my fingers. Feeling her heat and wetness, feeling her writhe in my arms, I had to know more ...what she looked and smelled and tasted like in that soft pulsing pussy now experienced only by touch.

    I picked her up and sat her on the counter at one wide spot without a sink. Hoisting her long skirt up to her waist, I hungrily grabbed her panties, pulled them off, and began to maul her pussy with my mouth. Inhaling the pure lust of her sexual scent drove me into further frenzy as I tongued the lips of her delicious vulva, with long stoking licks up to the clit. She moaned and cried out as I picked up the pace of my attack using my tongue in a rhythmic circular thrashing of her clitoris as my fingers moved inside her.

    “Oh God, that feels sooo good………. but if you don’t stop I am going to cum and it’s too soon for that,” she moaned while pulling my face away, guiding it back up to kiss, thus tasting her own juices.

    While passionately kissing me, she pushed herself off the counter and twisted me around to back me against it. “Up you go, big boy!” she exclaimed pushing me up on the same place as she reached for my belt, loosening it and pulling my pants down and off.

    There I sat in my tented underwear, as her eager hands made their way up my legs, tantalizing all the hairs now standing up. She reached in my fly with a ravenous look on her face, while her other hand rubbed by abs. Finally maneuvering my semi-erect wad out of my shorts, where she could attend to our mutual desires, she grabbed it at the base – her hand not quit able to close it’s grip.

    “Oh yeah, just as big as I remembered it” she leered at me while I smiled back saying “he’s got a little ways to grow yet, so see what you can do.”

    She stroked me lightly with the back of her nails slowly tracing the prominent veins as she examined my cock. Rubbing her thumbs lightly around the hood and head, she noticed my indications of the sensitivity of that area. All the while that she played with the big dick in her hand, she would occasionally just stop and gaze at it angling it to view some detail of interest. Watching her reverential gaze just added to my excitement.

    Slowly jacking me off, she whispered words of admiration and awe, telling me how much she was looking forward to having my gigantic organ fill her up. Cara wrapped one hand above the other around my shaft and felt the increasing girth as she watched my emergent erection extend further beyond the reach of both her hands.

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    I have to say that this is a good story. It's got a nice pace with a teasing style buildup. Very very good.
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