A friend called Niner

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    So I just remember a kind of funny story. (I think the peanut gallery is as good a place as any to post it.)

    So I met a guy at work a couple of years ago. I actually had known who he was through a friend we had in common. Anyway we had an off site meeting for work, and he and I were in line together getting lunch, casually chatting. He then sat next to me in a big circle of about 15 people. We continued to chat about work things. Then he looks at me and says "You know, sometimes I wonder." Wonder what, I ask back. "If when a guy likes me, is it because of my personality, they think I'm cute, or if it's because I have a nine inch cock." Now keep in mind the setting. No one else heard what he said, but they did all look at us as I spit a full mouth of pop out of my mouth when I snorted. When I was done laughing, I replied that I guess I didn't know the answer to that.

    My noon the next day he was called "Niner" in my cube at work. To add the the hilarity, about three weeks after we started to refer to him as that, he moved into the cube. It took a whole three hours before the 50 year old office mom accidently called him Niner. He of course knew where that came from.

    We were all a little embarrased. But laughed for hours at a happy hour later.

    Just to clarify, so you don't think I'm being mean, this was the first time he and I had a conversation. We did later become good friends, and laughed at his blatent pick up attempt. (I advised him that he should maybe come up with a less obvious way to hit on someone in the workplace.)
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