A Glorious Gloryhole

Discussion in 'Fictitious Stories' started by Beercan, Jan 21, 2006.

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    Jan 10, 2006
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    Having heard about Gloryholes while in the Military,I have always been very curious about them,and last week that curiousity became a reality.I was checking out this Adult Bookstore here in Vancouver BC when I noticed they had this area at the back with video booths,so getting a handful of tokens I made my way to the back and into the booth area,only having had a few bi experiences I was a bit nervous as to what was going to happen,I sat in a booth and right away noticed a fist sized hole in the wall, my first gloryhole I thought, now what?. I started plugging in tokens when the guy next to me got up and left,within 5 seconds another guy had entered the booth and I recognized his jacket as he had made eye contact with me in the store and must have followed me in,I didnt have to wait long to see what he had in mind,this guy was probably about 30,rugged,with a ball cap and a great moustache,he had a good strong build a lot like myself.He put his finger through the hole and motioned for me to stand up,nervous I stood up and unbuckled my belt,as I started unbuttoning my fly, my jeans fell a bit and I moved closer to the hole all I could see was a tache lip and a very inviting mouth,I took out the beercan and heard a moan from behind the wall,I rested the head of my cock on the edge of the hole and felt a tongue warmly probe into my foreskin,I could no longer hold back and pushed my entire dick through the hole,for the next few minutes I enjoyed the most talented mouth I have ever experienced,something rare for me as nearly all the blow jobs I have had from women have been somewhat uncomfortable,and sometimes painful with the teeth factor, all I usually end up getting is the head of my cock sucked.Not today,today I finally found out what true deepthroat means,and it turned me on like hell to hear the guy slurping and gagging,really chowing down on the cock before him,I could feel the amount of spit and slobber he was working up even though I couldnt see it.I pulled out as I was getting close and didnt want this experience to end,he shoved his big guy through and for the next half hour we took turns enjoying each others manhood as only two guys can!.My orgasm was as if it was the very first time I had ever come, the intensity was overwhelming,and he didnt miss a beat or a drop,I wanted to share this experience here with others, as im sure there are many who can relate to bad blow job experiences with women because of their size,that day I learned there is another way to blow job heaven,A GLORIOUS GLORYHOLE!!.
    Till next time
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