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Discussion in 'Sex With a Large Penis' started by Porthos, Jan 31, 2010.

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    My boyfriend and I have pretty decent sized dicks. My only issue is I'm a lot more sensitive than he is. It's not that he desensitizes himself with masturbating or anything, I just think he's less sensitive than average. He's a top and it takes a lot just to get him to cum and I feel bad because the sex is great for me, but I think it could be better for him. I want to know how I can give him an out-of-this-world orgasm. Suggestions?
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    What does he say? Does tell you that sex isn't that enjoyable for him? Are you getting any other messages from him that insinuate he's not enjoying your sexual relationship as much as you are? It's great that you want to improve your sex life, but are you really sure you're enjoying it more than he is? Or are you assuming that?

    But rather than just lecturing I should try to be helpful :) Try lots of foreplay. Often guys who are less sensitive just need more time revving up. He may also be more sensitive, but needs more gentle play to get things going. Some guys who are very sensitive get a bit numb if you charge in to fucking. Speaking of, are you the kind of couple that goes right in to anal? Cause you can have a lot of fun before hand teasing him along with oral and hand jobs and the million other things guys can do together.

    Of course, don't forget any issue may be mental on his side. Some guys who naturally take longer get performance anxiety out of it. Maybe he's not under-sensitive; maybe he just takes a long time to cum and is worried about a long and awkward period between your orgasm and his. Or, maybe he just isn't vocal. Some guys just kind of go in to a trance instead of moaning and yelling.

    One way or the other, good luck.
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