A guy, a girl, and...another girl

Dec 20, 2004
Hi everyone, this is my first post and while this topic doesn't really have anything to do with being hung I thought I'd ask for your opinions anyway. I've been going out with this girl for over a year, and I think what I feel with her is love. I know a lot of people say that at my age (20) that I don't know what love is, maybe they're right, who knows. Things have been perfect for our time together, and nothing in our relationship has changed, but now enters another into my world.

This girl I met online about 3 years ago seems real cool, we know a lot about each other and have been talking a long time, only online. Shes had a lot of problems in life with family rejecting her, her running away. Shes a very complicated 17 year old. She also has some psych issues, not a serial killer...I mean like she told me she thinks shes a guy trapped in a girls body, shes bisexual which is cool with me...maybe I shouldn't call them psych issues, they're perfectly normal. I just mean shes different, which makes her cool. Anyway lately we've been talking on the phone, and shes just so fun to talk to.

Here's where I get confused. This girl who I started talking to is very open sexually, we talk a lot about our experiences, things we likes, fantasies, etc...one time she was like, "Jerk off", I said huh? And she was like, yea I wanna hear you breathe while you do it. Talking to her is really hot and I like it. Later that night on the phone she was like...would you fuck me? She said it would have nothing attached...she just wants to be fucked, she doesn't want a relationship.

So whats my problem? Well...I do feel I love my girlfriend, whether its love or not I have feelings for her, but not sexual as much anymore...all I can think about is this other girl who lives far far away. This whole things tears me apart, I keep thinking what can I do. The other girl has offered to come to where I live, cause she often runs away with no place to go. I know this probably sounds stupid getting feelings for a girl who only wants sex from men. But I can just see myself as a close friend with benefits to her...I guess what I wish could happen is to have a sexual relationship separate from a meaningful relationship.


Flux: Hmm well I think the 17 year old needs help, I also know a lot of people that need help don't get it. And her wanting to come live near you isnt a good sign, she cant just run away all the time, its not good in any way. Her actually living near you would just be bad too, its not solving anything, its stalling everything and letting things build up.

Also let me get this straight...you have a girlfriend and this 17 year old who you talk to...were you talking to your girlfriend on the phone or the 17 or even another girl? If you're taking three girls on at a time, its bound to mess your head up.

That's about it for now, I would tell the 17 year old to get help although she probably won't get it or talk to her in a way that helps her deal with her problems, if you can. And running away from home, might be attention seeking. Most people do that from 14-18 or something. I can't tell you how to deal with that. I'm a man hung 10" trapped in a body with an 8" cock...seriously, she sounds like she's trying to rebel or feels really different or odd because she's bi...which is wrong, I dont know how you can help her but I know you're not qualified and her moving to be with you is just bad. She might grow really attached to you, I can see that being a real possibility and if you don't like her in person or she has some strange habits you're not aware of, that could trouble her even more and send her even deeper into her depression or whatever it is.

About becoming attached to girls: it happens, that's why most people do one girl at a time, and the girls who offer it are hot but thats all they are and it never lasts. Find a girl who'll want more than sex, its better for you, more peaceful.