A hook-up in Greece

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    This happened the other week when I was in Greece for a conference. I’d been sitting around for a couple of days discussing work with a bunch of colleagues – interesting and all but just not very exciting. So on the last day of the conference I decided to skip the group dinner and instead go out on my own. I’d looked up a gay bar that was in my neighbourhood and decided to head over for a bit. I brought a magazine and arrived at a fairly empty bar around 10pm.

    I took a seat by a table near the bar, and the barman was obviously flirting with me, although he barely spoke a word of English. I was drinking whiskey and reading my magazine when a guy comes into the bar. He’s a bit older than me, wearing a black leather jacket and tight jeans showing off a great-looking ass – he’s actually a Robbie Williams look-alike for those of you who want to get an idea of the look. At first he sits down at the bar with his back towards me, but after some time he moves across the room and sits down right opposite me. He crosses his feet in front of him, creating a nice bulge at the front of his jeans. He looks up at me and smiles.

    After a few minutes I step outside for a smoke. I’m standing there smoking my cigarette when he comes out and lights one himself. We start speaking and he tells me that he is from France, staying in Athens for a week. I ask him if he’s been there before and he says he’s come annually for the last 20 years. I ask him how old he is. “41,” he says. I would have guessed more like 35. We finish our cigarettes and go back inside.

    I sit down at my table and he comes over and asks if he can join me. “Of course,” I say. We chat for a bit and he tells me he is bisexual, has a girlfriend at home, but travels a few times a year to various places to hook up with men. “She knows, and doesn’t mind, as long as I don’t do it in France,” he says. I’m intrigued by the story, and he goes on to tell me about his job – which I’m not going to reveal since that would make it obvious who he is (he’s not a celebrity, but let’s just say there are not many jobs like that around…and with Google and all…). Anyway, he suggests we go upstairs where the bar is quieter and I agree. We walk up the stairs and find that we are the only ones there. We sit down on a sofa just around the corner from the staircase and he immediately leans over and kisses me.

    I shove my tongue down his throat and he moans, and I hear how he undoes his belt. We break the kiss and I look down at a huge bulge in his underwear now visible as the jeans are open. I undo my own belt and pull my cock and balls out and he does the same. Now I’m no small guy, but this dude is huge! His cock is almost as long as mine, and much, much thicker, and his balls look massive. He wanks his cock and gives me a cheeky smile. I bend over, kiss him and grab hold of his neck, forcing him down to suck my cock. He’s not resisting and starts licking my cockhead ferociously, swirling his tongue around under my foreskin. He bobs up and down and I a push a little more at the back of his head. He chokes a little and I let him up. Then he stands up in front of me, his big fat cock just an inch from my face. I can smell a hot musky scent coming from his crotch. He grabs his cock and slaps me across the face with it a few times before shoving it deep down my throat. I have to admit I was pretty proud that I managed to take the whole thing! It really fills up my throat and he fucks my face for a few minutes, occasionally pulling out and slapping me with his meat. All the while I’m tugging at my own cock which by now is rock hard and ready for more.

    After fucking my face for a little while he turns around and spreads his ass. I bend forward and start licking his hole. The taste is incredible, and he is moaning and wanking his cock as I tongue-fuck his ass. “I want you to fuck me,” he says. “Here?” I ask. “Yeah why not we have the whole floor to ourselves,” he says. I’d clearly had a few too many whiskeys, so I just stood up and started fingering his hole. It was wet and slowly loosening up. He pulled out a condom from his jeans and turned around to roll it on my cock. I slowly insert my cock all the way into his hot ass, while he bends over one of the tables in the bar. His ass really feels incredible and I just pound away, occasionally pulling out just to watch his ass hole twitch and close up before I shove it back in again.

    In the middle of it, we suddenly hear someone coming up the stairs. I quickly pull out and sit down on the sofa, hiding my cock under my sweater. He tries to gather his jeans and pull the jeans up but I realize it’s too late. The barman is right in front of us and it’s very obvious what’s going on. We just sit there in silence, and the barman smiles at us and says “I’m closing now but you guys can finish off.” He turns around and walks back down the stairs. Drunk and horny as we are, we get our trousers down to our ankles in no time and I shove my cock back into his now loose hole. We continue fucking for another ten minutes or so. I’m in frenzy and so is my new friend. He’s moaning loudly, saying “fuck me, fuck me” under his breath as I shove my cock really deep into his ass (some of you will know that feeling when you reach really deep and you sort of enter a different part of the rectum – where it gets a little tighter and the guy always goes “woooooow” or “aaaaaaoooow” J).

    And all of a sudden, the barman is standing right in front of us again. We hadn’t even heard him coming up the stairs. Clearly he wasn’t very bothered, and just said “I need to leave now.” We quickly gather our things and walk with him downstairs in silence. We settle the bill and give him a good tip. Then head out. “You want to come back to my apartment?” my friend asks. “Of course,” I say. “I’m far from done with you!” We walk down the street chatting and he points out various good shops and restaurants. “This is my street,” he says. We turn into a small alley and a few yards down he unlocks a door. “I usually just rent an apartment when I come here. I don’t like the hotels,” he says. We enter the apartment which is huge and very modern. We go into the bedroom and we both undress immediately. “I need a piss and a cigarette,” he says and takes off to the bathroom. I go to the other bathroom and wash off the smell of condom from my cock (not a big fan of the smell of latex…) and then I head out into the kitchen. A second later he comes in. He gives me a bottle of water and takes one for himself. We quickly down them and he takes a cigarette out from a pack on the counter and lights it. His cock is semi hard now and for the first time I get to really take a good look at his hot, fairly hairy body. He is slim with visible muscles, with a hairy chest and stomach (although trimmed), his balls are shaved, and he has a hairless back and ass. With the cigarette in his mouth he bends forward over the kitchen counter and sticks his ass out towards me. “I want you to fuck me again,” he says. I just can’t resist. I walk over and my cock is now hard again. I kneel behind him and lick his ass hole which is still a bit loose from me fucking him before. He moans, and I stand up and push my cock into his ass. He takes a drag from the cigarette and hands it to me. I fuck him hard a few times, inhaling the smoke. Then I pull out and he quickly get down on his knees and starts sucking my cock. I shove it deep down his throat and hear him making occasional choking noises.

    “Let’s take a shower,” he says. “Sure,” I respond”. He walks before me into the bathroom and steps into the shower. I get in there with him and we start washing each other off, our cocks still hard. I rub his asshole with a bit of soap and rinse it off. When we’re clean he turns the water off, and we both step out and dry off. “Get down,” he says, and pushes me back into the shower. I get down on my knees and he slaps me with his thick cock, then pushes it into my mouth. I look up and he smiles and pulls the cock out. The suddenly something I was not expecting. A thin stream of piss comes out of his cock and hits me in the face. I’m surprised, and it immediately has a really fucking horny effect on me. He points it at my mouth and I open it, taking his piss in there. As it fills up, I spit it out over his chest, stomach and cock. I get a few nice mouthfuls the last of which I save, stand up and spit right over his face. He wipes his eyes and smiles. “You’re nasty,” he says. “No worse than you!” I respond. “And now it’s my turn!” He sits down on the tiled shower floor, leans back, opens his mouth and starts wanking his cock. I’m standing over him, sort of mesmerized by how hot I find this situation: there’s this well-built guy with a huge cock on the floor in front of me and he is dying for me to piss on him. “Please,” he mouths at me. I take hold of my cock and try as well as I can to point it down towards his face. His tongue is out, mouth open. I really had to focus to be able to piss, but after a few seconds the hot stream hits his face. He moans, takes it in his mouth and spits it in my direction. I continue to spray his body and cock, face and mouth with piss for about half a minute. When nothing more comes out, he stand up and kisses me. “Thanks,” he says. “I really fucking needed that!”

    We turn on the water again and rinse off, we step out, dry off and make our way into his bedroom. He puts a towel on the bed and gets up on all four on it, ass pointing at me. I get down behind him and start eating him out for a few minutes. His hole is so loose by now I have not problem getting my tongue deep in there. He moans and groans and asks me to fuck him. I stand up, and put my cock at his hole, then bury it deep in there. He’s wanking his cock, and I start spanking his ass as I fuck him harder and harder, deeper and deeper. I pull out and tell him to turn around. Although I love fucking a guy from behind, there’s something really hot about seeing the face, and the expression of someone you’re pounding the hell out of. He lies down on his back and pulls his knees up towards his chest, exposing his wide-open hole. I push my cock back in there and he squirms and moans, jerking is cock and pinching my nipple. We fuck for a few minutes and then I feel him tensing up. His cock begins to spray cum all over his hairy stomach and his ass hole cramps around my cock. This is just what I need. I pull out, jerk for a few seconds and then start cumming. First two spurts hit his face, and the rest land on his chest. Exhausted I fall on top of him, our cum mixing between our bodies.

    We lie there for a few seconds and then he says “I need a smoke.” We head out to the kitchen, still drenched in cum and light two cigarettes. “Fuck that was intense, “ I say. “Yeah, just the way I like it,” he responds. We smoke the cigarettes, then head back into the shower. After a bit of fooling around, we get dressed and decide it’s time to call it a night.
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