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    One of the advantages to working out after 9:00AM on a weekday is the likelihood that no one will be using the steam or sauna. Today was definitely one of those mornings.

    I had finished my normal workout of weights (today was Monday so Chest & Triceps) before 7:00AM and then went next door for coffee with a friend. Afterwards I returned to the gym a little after 9:00AM which was emptying as I assume most were on their way to the office by the way they were dressed.

    Well I quickly stripped down to my clean-shaven body and jumped into a warm shower prior to stepping into the dry sauna. It was awesome as it had been on since the gym open at 5:00AM so it didn’t take long before my body was feeling warm all over. Personally I love this experience for many different reasons the least of which is sweat.

    By now I was indeed sweating all over. Beads of my own moisture were sliding down from my forehead, shoulders and across my chest and as it did so my nipples became aroused and swollen. I gently tried to work the muscles and brush the accumulating moisture from my body including my inner thighs and groin area. It was indeed a good thing no one was in the gym (at least not in the sauna) as I became almost immediately erect when I did this. I tried not to think about it or to make it worst by continuing to touch myself but it began to throb up and down with anticipation of my touch or the warm moisture sliding across it. It was an incredible turn on and all I could do not to grab my swollen shaft and begin to pull on it violently. Soon I couldn’t sit here any longer without risking that I might get into trouble so I struggled to shove my member between my legs as I wrap myself in my towel and stepped out. As I did I still couldn’t believe how quite or empty the gym appeared so I figured I would sit in the steam for a few minutes in hope that I would calm down a little before taking a shower.

    The steam room was filled with a heavy fog of steam which made it hard to see to far ahead of you so I lay back across the hard tiles. My cock was bobbing up and down against my abs and I couldn’t help but touch it briefly to try and position it differently as I lay there. As I tried to lye still with my arms down to my side in hopes that my erection would subside I arched my back slightly so the beads of sweat would roll downward without my assistance. I found myself making soft strokes across my forehead and neck and shoulders and before I could stop I was circling my swollen nipples stopping to pinch them firmly but gently.

    Soon I was tracing my arched torso downward brushing my sweat off along the way until I found my fingers tracing my bellybutton first and then deftly sliding down my groin and inner thigh. They soon were inching themselves up and down my excited and swollen cock. I knew I was getting to a point of no return but could not control my erotic urges any longer.

    As my touch became more and more sensual my hips bucked and grinded against the hard white tiles which were slippery from the steam and my own sweat. Lying there I became so turned on caressing my upper body as well as stroking my inner legs and gently teasing my throbbing monster which continued to grow. Circling my swollen nipples I could only imagine someone’s warm breath blowing across them as the steam did. Teasing them and pinching them the way a mouth and tongue would of I was losing control and now had forgotten where I was.

    Tracing my abs with both my hands then softly sliding them in between my legs and then finally grabbing my dick in them! As I begin to slide them up and down my shaft its head now swollen and red beginning to ooze my pre-cum slime in droplets that were beginning to accumulate around my belly button mixing with my sweat and the warm steam. I grabbed its head squeezing and rubbing my pre-cum and sweat mixture across a top it. This was driving me crazy my whole body was excited and on fire as I squirmed and grinded against the tiles fantasizing making love with someone when I heard a cough from the opposite corner of the room. I wasn’t alone after all. How much had they seen what was I to do now?

    He wasn’t easily seen as there is no light in the room but the indirect light from the window in the door and plenty of thick billowing steam maybe he seen nothing.

    I tried to freeze lying there with my heart pounding in my chest and my breathing becoming deeper.

    “Well you got me this far are you going to continue?” a voice said. “Are you just going to tease me and leave me with this hard on?”

    Without speaking I sat up and then slowly stood. Beginning to dance and grind my hips as I took long deliberate caresses of my body trying not to look for my guest but instead watching my self move especially my cock. As I pulled my cock downward and relished it snapping back and smacking my wet abs. Then turning and caressing my hips which are an incredible turn-on for me. “That’s it your making me so fucking hard your so hot.” He said as he watched me move.

    Turning again, to face the door the dim light shining on my chest and cock and upper thighs as I grabbed my cock first with one hand then the other. I begin to slowly fuck my hands and then began to quicken my pace as I could feel my excitement building deep inside my dick I was getting ready to cum.

    “Yes that’s it let me see you shoot baby.” He said, “your making me fucking crazy do it.”

    Well at that point it didn’t take much I began to violently slide my cock in and out of my hands sliding in my wet warm hands the pre-cum ooze dripping and falling to the hard white floor. My head began to spin as I knew I was going to fucking explode soon.

    “Oh fuck you make me so fucking crazy, let me see you shoot baby let me see you do it.” He said…

    Fuck it was building I tried to squeeze my cock preventing it from coming out and then I couldn’t hold back anymore realizing my shaft it began to spurt and shoot my hot white cum on the hard floor you could hear it smack against it as it hit. I must have shot for minutes before trying to sit down and calm down.

    As soon I was relaxed enough I snuck out to the showers but I never seen him. As I showered I waited for him too to open the door to make it to the shower. Before I finished he finally did. He was younger than me maybe in his late twenties or early thirties. Slim build with jet black hair and plenty of tattoos not someone I would imagine to watch another man jack off. I waited until he entered the shower before I quickly got out and dried off and got dressed and left.

    Walking to the parking lot I wondered how far he was behind me but dared not look back. As I pulled away in my car I notice him getting into a shinny blue Porsche.

    I hope he enjoyed it as much as I did. When I got home I couldn’t help but jack off again just thinking about what had happen. To think this only Monday I still have four more days like this…

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