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    Hello everyone! I'm glad I found this site. First off, I'm a 33 yr old male in the US and I have a micropenis. It's the result of Kallman's Syndrome. My penis is infantile in size. When soft it's about 1 1/2" long. When hard its about 2-3" and girth around 3". I am really embarassed by it. I have had 2 sexual partners in the past, but whenever we had sex my dick would usually fall out at one point or another. Neddless to say I'm very frightened by the thought of trying to find a new woman. I'm tired of being lonely though and hope that somewhere out there there has to be some woman that would want me pathetic as I am.
    I've fantasized about small penis humilation but never got into it and doubt I ever would. I think for me it's a psychological defense mechanism of dealing with my micropenis. The thought of being humilated and insulted for my micropenis turns me on, but if a woman actually insulted me over it who I cared about I'd be crushed.
    I wouldn't have surgery out of fear that something might go wrong and I'd be in a worse situation. My penis works fine for me for the most part so that's not the issue.
    Anyway if other men with micropenis out there would like to email me, please pm me. Also any women or anyone who is curious about what it's like to have a micropenis are welcome to talk to me. No one knows I have this who knows me, so I think it would be good for me to talk about it to someone.
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