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    You might not know this but Olivia's grandfather was a pulitzer prize winner and when she was goiing thru her divorce she was diagnosed w/breast cancer. Here's her newest message. Discuss...

    Well, the time is finally here!!
    After years of planning and months of training, I am about to face one of the most amazing and exciting challenges of my life - walking the Great Wall of China with some of my friends, Olympians, fellow celebrities and cancer survivors-and with the support of my sweetheart John Easterling and his wonderful Amazon health products that will help get us through!
    The Great Walk to Beijing will not only be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for us all but, it will have a purpose as well - making a difference to those millions of people on the planet facing cancer, by raising money for the OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN CANCER and WELLNESS CENTRE -- my dream centre for treating the whole person-mind body and spirit- and for furthering cancer research through the Ludwig Institute which will be part of my hospital.
    Our event can change the way cancer is treated throughout the world!
    But now, as I pack my hiking gear and walking shoes, I am asking for your help. Even though you may not be walking the Wall with me, you can still be an important part of my team just by sitting in front of your computer! Your help is just a click away!!!!
    We need to get sponsors to help support us, step by step, and you can be a vital part of the team by forwarding this note to all of your friends and family to spread the word to PLEASE sponsor me and my steps to raise the funds to see my dream of the OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN CANCER CENTRE (ONJCC) finally become a reality.
    You can help make a difference by sponsoring my efforts by clicking on the link below (every donation--- 10 dollars or whatever you can spare will help reach our goal!)
    For those of you who are not good at copying just type Great Walk to Beijing in your browser and press WALKERS or you will see the place to click to support our endeavour from the homepage of my website: The Official Website for Olivia Newton-John.
    Some of you may know that in the last 4 years we have already raised 65 million dollars towards the building of the ONJCC ,and the proceeds from this Great Walk could help us finally break ground !
    Please help me spread the word to help make the OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN CANCER CENTRE a reality so that, as a cancer "thriver" I can continue to help those currently affected by this illness by creating a world-class cancer, wellness and research center and make a difference to millions of people around the globe.
    We all often "talk the talk" and now I am ready to "walk the walk"!!
    Please be a part of team and help me spread the word!
    Love and Light,
    Olivia Newton-John

    To Sponsor me you can click on the link below:
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