A newly discoverd fetish of mine?

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    So I have been dating the same girl for about two years now. Recently she has been gaining some weight. She was never skinny...just curvy, now she is a little thick...but not fat by any means. She has put on about 15lbs in all.

    That, however is not the subject of my post...merely a preface. Through her weight gain I have discovered that I have a fetish that I'm not very familiar with.

    You see, the idea of her breast, ass and belly getting larger really turns me on. What is strange about this is I am not really attracted to the idea of her being overweight nor am I into pregnancy fetishes, but rather the fact that she grew to become a slightly larger woman :tongue:. Just thinking about her breasts getting bigger really gets me going.

    I was wondering, does anybody else shares this attraction? Also, I can't tell her about my fetish because I don't want to hurt her feelings about being slightly overweight but I also don't want her to do the opposite and indulge my fetish because then she would get very overweight which isn't attractive to me :confused:.
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