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    This is a snippet taken pretty much at random from a larger piece of my work. As such, the context and characters won't make much sense, but I thought if people liked it then I'd put up more. The action, by the way, is over the top and ridiculous. It takes place on a sun-drenched patio in an unusual school, and begins with some medically-enhanced growth.


    For the first time, Robert tore his eyes from the two massive-boobed sluts that were standing in front of him, both wearing nothing other than different varieties of sunglasses and fuck-me shoes, and instead transferred his gaze to the amazing transformation that was occurring in his nether regions.

    His ballsack ha bloated hugely and his testicles had expanded dismorphically. The principle reason Robert knew this is because he suddenly detected a shift in the weight of his testes. Now they were a pendulous pair of nuts that hung downwards between his legs, fat and heavy looking like two huge oranges in a leather sack. His ballsack, rapidly inflating, could be seen to be visibly filling up, the folds of dangling flesh slowly beginning to tighten up as more jizz suddenly filled then out.

    The other thing Robert noticed was his dick. It was a surprisingly hot day in the English summertime, so much so that Nurse Pennyweather had been able to work on her tan. Now, with the sun beating down on the poolside, Robert was able to see a long shadow which was slowly expanding being cast on the patio, casting a further shadow that went over Miss Hart’s legs and over the sunlounger.

    ‘That thing’s like a fucking sundial,’ Miss Hart said.

    ‘Mmm,’ Nurse Pennyweather agreed, ‘and it’s blowjob o’clock.’

    Robert looked at the pair of megaboobed sluts making the comments and gulped, noticing the hungry expressions on their gorgeous faces. His anxiety was sustained further, however, by his still-expanding dick, and as he swallowed hard to push his saliva down, found himself transfixed by the monstrous protrusion of his iron-hard fuckpole, the thick tube jutting out from him at a right-angle.

    ‘Ever seen anything like it?’ said Laura, her hands on her hips as she surveyed the rapid change in Ian’s anatomy,’

    ‘Once,’ said Nurse Pennyweather, ‘some subjects seem to react better to the pills that others.’

    ‘Who was that?’

    ‘Well, it was before my time working here, but the science facility has some astounding video records of their biggest triumphs which they showed to me during my training. Robert’s reaction is rare.’

    ‘I’ll say,’ said Miss Hart.

    The conversation going on between the two awesome size-queen sluts was going over Robert’s head, but it did provide a momentary distraction from his now-abiding concern – that of whether his dick would stop growing or would just continue indefinitely. When he looked down again, it was to note with some relief that his phallic expansion seemed to have come to an end.

    ‘Aaah,’ said Miss Hart, with a smirk, ‘shame.’ After saying this she looked Robert in the eyes and extended her expression into and extremely filthy smile.

    ‘Looks to have stopped,’ said Nurse Pennyweather, whereupon she turned again and picked up the little medical box, retrieving the tape measure and spreading a towel on the ground in front of the student. ‘Let’s take a final measurement of this huge fucking meatstick.’

    ‘I think we might be down here for a while, might as well make it comfortable,’ said Nurse Pennyweather, hunkering down on her knees on the towel in front of Robert. The thick cockend protruded over her shoulder and past the dark tresses of her hair, with the tip of the flared, bell-shaped head of the fuckstaff leaking a gluey precum like a faulty tap. The fluid roped its way down from the cockend in a line and pitter-pattered against the Nurse’s asscheeks.

    With forensic exactitude, Nurse Pennyweather held the tape between thumb and forefinger at the base of Robert’s cock and then uncoiled the tape, trailing it over the udder surface of the silky skin of the long, straight rod, holding it flush against the pulsing flesh. One especially long, straight, protruding vein that ran all the way was beating with such strength and regularity that it could be seem to move the tape measure up and down, mimicking the pulsing of the blood through the organ. At this point giving Robert minimal contact, Nurse Pennyweather moved her head back so that she could get all of the long pillar of flesh in her sightline, turning side-one to the dick so that it no longer stuck out over her shoulder. At this point, she stretched the tape measure over the remaining few inches.

    ‘Well?’ said Miss Hart.

    ‘Eighteen and a half.’

    ‘A foot and a fucking half,’ said Miss Hart quietly.

    ‘Plus half an inch,’ said Nurse Pennyweather, registering the measurement in her notebook. ‘There is a technical term for this, actually. Here’s my diagnosis.’

    Nurse Pennyweather wrote some more, and then turned it around, pointing the pages upwards so that Robert could read what she had put. There were the measurements (pre and post- enhancement) and then, next to them, the word ‘monstercock.’ Then she flashed the medical notebook in Miss Hart’s direction.

    Miss Hart smiled, then put her hands against her face in mock horror, ‘but Nurse Pennyweather! This is awful!’ she exclaimed, in her best tacky b-movie manner, ‘what can we do to save the patient?’

    ‘Prescription: lots of sucking until we drain these balls dry!’

    At this point, Robert groaned darkly, and as if to punctuate her sentence, his dick fired off a salvo of precum that spat out of his cock at an alarming velocity and trajectory. Whipping from his cockend, both of the huge-titted vixens watched in shock, pivoting their heads to follow the release as the gooey blob shot of Robert’s dick, flew into the air and then, with remarkable grace, flew over the roof of the building that Robert had had his interview in and splashed into the car park on the other side of it.

    ‘You have got to be fucking kidding me.’ Said Miss Hart.

    ‘He’s put it into orbit…’ confirmed her colleague.

    Five hours later Miss Hart would finish her working day, get to her car, and note, with a great deal of satisfaction as well as astonishment, that the windshield to her car had acquired a sticky adornment over the course of the day, the cause of which would not be immediately apparent to her. After a while of puzzling and a great deal of washer fluid jetted onto her windscreen wipers, the realisation that Robert had been the cause of this on the poolside earlier on, would make her mind as clear as her car windows. At this point, she would orgasm immediately, no further reflection required, but merely as a reflex, squeal out, and stain the seats of the car with her sticky girlcum, so much, in fact, and so explosive, that much of her gelatinous juices splattered point-black against the leather upholstery and splattered upwards to spray against the interior of the windscreen. From then on, of course, and with no immediate relief to hand, Miss Hart would go on to spread her legs and hitch over a little in her sports car, splay her labia over the bell-shaped gearstick and plunge her gushing pussy onto it, using her tautly muscled thighs of her slender and shapely legs to slide her body up and down on the metal stick.

    But for the present, Nurse Pennyweather turned to face each other across Robert’s ginormous meatstick.

    ‘I think there’s a good chance that Robert will be of great interest to the girls at the science facility,’ she said.

    Delving once again into the medical box, Nurse Pennyweather this time produced a pair of shiny black PVC glove and snapped then onto her hands in a parody of a medical examination. They went nearly all the way up her arms.

    At this point Nurse Pennyweather pressed her lips together, pouting and narrowed her eyes, before angling her body sideways to get at Robert’s low-dangling nutsack, gathering the endless folds of scrotum in both her gloved hands, bringing the ostrich eggs towards her face, panting them with her tongue, making Robert moan loud. The pupil put his hands and both women's heads, stroking their black and blond hair as Laura fell to the task with relish, worked his shaft and ball-bag. His cock had certainly taken notice, and what must have been now nearly a 19 inch monstrosity was now manifested in its fullest shape yet, blood pumping through his massive veins as it throbbed up larger and larger.

    Nurse Pennyweather’s eyes met Laura's from across the vast distance of Robert’s enormous shaft and she moved down to join her suck-sister, grunting sluttily as she crammed Robert's left ball into her mouth and fed Laura the right. His big fat balls were so huge that with even just one, both of their cheeks bulged and their jaws stretched. Robert threw back his head in ecstacy as his cock slipped and slapped gently between them, then roared as they drew away from each other, each taking a ball with them, their faces a foot apart because he had so much droopy nutsack to spare for each tugged testicle.

    Nurse Pennyweather reached out and stroked Laura’s face with her PVC fingers, and Robert could feel her massaging his ball through the other teacher’s cheek. Miss Hart returned the gesture. At this point they looked up at him and he could see the soft flesh of their cheeks bulging outwards, brimful with his balls, tenting outwards.

    Then the two reached up, each grasping the base of his now-hard colossal shaft. Even Nurse Pennyweather’s longer fingers didn't meet around it, and a preposterous amount of prickmeat still stuck out above their hands. Laura added a third hand and then the nurse a fourth. Still a little bit escaped all of their grasps. When both of them managed to finally dislodge the massive balls from their mouth, the two huge globes bounced crazily inside the elastic ballsack.

    By the time Laura found herself slurping and smacking her lips all over Robert’s cockhead head, polishing the shiny dome with her tongue, Nurse Pennyweather was coaxing out more precum to feed her, her tongue slithering in a tight mobius strip around Robert’s titanic testes, the two of them filling the air with nothing but the sounds of fast breath, fevered moans, slobbering sucks and gurgling swallows. Robert’s precum fountained down, coating Laura’s tongue with clear juice while Nurse Pennyweather’s still tormented the balls beneath. When his scrotum began to tighten, she used her mouth strength to tug it down, preventing his release.

    To the inexperienced Robert, however, this was little use, and he couldn’t really hope to hold his excitement at bay in the face of the wonderdrug and the two gorgeous sluts working him over.

    ‘I think our new arrival’s going to blow,’ remarked Miss Hart.

    ‘Afraid I don’t have a bucket to catch the sample with,’ said Nurse Pennyweather.

    ‘He’d probably blow t out of your hands anyway,’ said Miss Hart, ‘the fucker can shoot his precum over the school!’

    ‘Nice knowing you then,’ said Nurse Pennyweather to her friend, as a mock farewell.
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    I don't know about everyone else, but I would certainly like to read the rest of it.
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    a few grammar errors but ehh over all a great story keep up the good work
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    Would like to see the rest, story looks solid and quite hot
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    Thanks to everyone that replied. Seeing as feedback has been quite positive, I'm posting another installment. Once again, the story has lots of disparate parts, but this next episode is with the same characters, although it doesn't follow on consecutively.


    Once more Robert’s dick spewed another jet of hot precum, this time point blank into the blonde’s asshole, causing Miss Hart to shriek as the spray of clear, gluey juice, spattered between her buttocks.

    Robert considered that this would provide satisfactory lubrication and nestled the huge head of his member against the puckered ring of Laura’s rectum, the massive shaft of his cock looking huge as he propped it firmly against Miss Hart’s delectable derrière. Using his hand to guide it, Robert began to lodge the heart-shaped helmet of his man-mast in the teacher’s asshole.

    ‘OooooOOOOoooo,’ was Laura’s only response as the meatstick penetrated her tightest hole. Robert settled his fist-sized cock in the blonde bombshell’s ass, noticing how the slut’s ringpiece expanded elastically to allow the head to slide in, her asshole now about the size of a grapefruit. No wonder she began to whimper as he firmly fed his steel-hard, lamppost thick fuck missile up her ass. Soon he was able to release his shaft and then grip on her firm buttocks.

    ‘If I didn’t know better I’d say you had something in your ass,’ remarked Nurse Pennyweather, who was only a little peeved at the fact that her colleague had become somewhat distracted from her task of fucking her with the massive dildo in her hand.

    ‘This is unbelievable,’ gasped Laura through gritted teeth, as Robert began to saw his monstercock into her asshole.

    ‘I’ll say,’ agreed the Nurse, who had grown impatient of waiting for Laura to do the decent thing with the dildo and turned around.

    Moving out of Laura’s grip, Nurse Pennyweather instead turned and stood next to Robert. Miss Hart moved forwards so that she now had her arms locked against the wardrobe. The Nurse, rather theatrically, lifted the shades up from her eyes as she observed the juncture between Robert’s dick and the PE teacher’s asshole.

    ‘Extraordinary,’ she said, before putting the shades back on, and trailing a finger over the blonde’s lower back, scooping up some of the clear precum that had been deposited there and feeding it into her mouth, ‘looks like we’ve created a monster…’

    ‘Created a monstercock, more like,’ grunted Laura, finally feeling as though she were adjusting to the size of her soon-to-be pupil’s cock spearing through her bowels.

    Nurse Pennyweather moved one of her black-gloved hands to Robert’s undercarriage and tried to fasten onto his swinging balls, finally doing so successfully and beginning to grope and fondle the gurgling, churning testes.

    ‘I’m creaming myself, Robert,’ offered the Nurse, ‘take a feel.’

    Robert extended his left arm to Nurse Pennyweather and placed it between her thighs. Turned on by the way in which so much of the Nurses’ tanned skin was encased by the skintight black PVC, Robert brushed his fingers along the velvety entrance to her pussy and sensed the oceanic wetness of the fleshy lips. Nurse Pennyweather’s reaction was to breathe out huskily, her lush lips pressed together, her eyes part closed in bliss. Robert felt at that point that he could do no wrong.

    ‘I’d say he’s about, oh, three-quarters in,’ commented the Nurse finally, appraising Robert’s efforts in nailing the busty PE teacher, ‘so that’s more than a foot in your ass, you slut.’

    ‘Oh God, give me more!’ snarled Miss Hart, ‘I want that huge monstercock all the way into my asshole!’

    Robert obliged and grimaced as he tried to fit more of his dick into the gorgeous slut, his mind fixed on reaming Laura’s ass in way that befitted her. It was a sight he was trying to burn into his memory for ever, the lithe, slender, massive-boobed and perfect-assed PE teacher, her flawlessly tanned skin of her back stretching in front of him, impaled on his long fucktube, her twat beginning to rope sticky girlcum onto the floor beneath then, her asshole sitting between her two perfectly rounded asscheeks expanded beyond all measure. He could see his monstrous shaft stuffed impossibly in her anal passage and bit his lip as the blonde slut flexed her rectum around his cock.

    ‘Let’s step things up a bit here,’ commented Nurse Pennyweather.

    Robert wasn’t sure what she meant, but he couldn’t believe what happened next. Taking the fuck session to its next (il)logical step, Robert gasped in astonishment as Nurse Pennyweather took hold of the massive pair of nuts she was manipulating in her hand and mashed the dangling balls against Miss Hart’s pussy lips, starting to press the squirming balls into the tight hole.

    Smiling wickedly, Nurse Pennyweather found success in her endeavour as Miss Hart’s swollen, dripping pussy accepted one of Robert’s balls, clasping onto the slippery gland and swallowing it. Making eye contact, and noticing the almost frenzied look of triumph in the Nurse’s eyes. Robert decided to help her, and, with a little push, inserted the other massive, tennis-balls sized teste into Laura’s packed slit. Grunting at her honeybox clutched at his meaty ball, Robert finally fitted the rest of his monstercock into Miss Hart’s asshole.

    ‘There you go,’ Nurse Pennyweather announced in a singsong voice and with a friendly slap on the blonde’s asscheek, ‘eighteen inches of pride grade premium cockflesh in your asshole and two king-sized balls in your slutty pussy!’

    ‘Thanks,’ was all Laura could say, her mind addled with pleasure. ‘Thanks a lot…’

    ‘Does it feel good?’ the Nurse asked.

    By way of response Laura simply squirted, a gush of fluid blossoming out of her pussy.

    'I'll take that as a yes. How about you, Robert? Is this blonde slut serving you nicely?'

    Robert gulped, 'I think I'm going to cum, I don't think I can hold out much longer...'

    At this point, Robert's balls plopped out of Miss Hart's slick pussy one by one. The Nurse took them in her hand and inspected them professionally.

    'Yes, I'd say you are about to blow,' she said, 'do get that dick out of Laura's ass, there a good boy.'

    Robert did as she had suggested, and both of them noticed how the veiny tube was still connected to Laura's ass and buttocks by long ropes of precum.

    'Now this office is a little dreary Robert, so don't feelin the slightest way shy about redocating it and us,' said Nurse Pennyweather.
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