A question for the gay and bisexual males.

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    Have you ever had a crush on a straight guy who was completely aware of your sexuality? If so, how did his knowledge of your sexuality affect his behavoir, if at all?

    When I was a sophomore in high school, I knew a young man who, at the time, I thought I loved with all my heart. One day he confronted me in class, extremly confidently and said that he "knew," placing a remarkable amount of emphasis on the word, as though that explained everything. It did, of course, but I wasn't as... accepting of my bisexuality at the time, so I replied, "Know what?"

    He blinked. "I know about you."

    I swallowed hard. "What about me?"

    He seemed have reached the end of his patience and nearly shouted in the classroom, "I know that you have a crush on me."

    I almost died, but he told me that he was okay with it. That it was cool, as long as I didn't try to rape him or something. As if that's what I wanted.

    In any case, I matured and quickly realized two things. First, my attraction to him was purely sexual (I have surprisingly strong sexual urges it seems, and the young man was not at all reluctant to advertise a 9 inch penis. It piqued my interest to say the least.); second, I realized I was only a trophy to him. I followed him around like a lovesick puppy dog and he utilized every opportunity that arose to make sure that people were aware of the fact that I was bisexual and had a huge crush on him. He seemed proud of it, flaunting my affection as though it were proof of how virile, how fucking sexy he was, as though he were all the more manly for possessing it.

    I was curious as to whether or not any other gay or bisexual males have experienced anything at all like this.
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    Indeed, equally women get crushes on gay men, when they are completely aware. I had a crush on a straight guy in my early twenties as I remember. Never got to see his cock mind!
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